Suzette Ching

Systems thinking and self-reflection are two management skills the course has imparted me with.
Discover SIM GE In an effort to deepen their knowledge and expertise, professionals in their respective fields are embarking on the SIM-University of Birmingham Master of Business Administration programme to widen their perspectives on global business and management. The programme also equips them to devise and implement appropriate strategies for their respective organisations. Two professionals share how the programme has empowered them to thrive in the workplace. Name: Tay Boon Keng Current Occupation: Emeritus Consultant at Singapore Health Services Pte Ltd “I believe in building knowledge constantly. The curriculum for this course is very comprehensive and I enjoyed interacting with students of different nationalities.” “I continue to work actively as a practising medical staff. Having gone through this course, I’ve had the opportunity to learn important business concepts. It has also given me an understanding of the current business world.” Name : Suzette Ching Current Occupation: Director at UBS AG “The Birmingham MBA programme offers a well-balanced postgraduate education designed to add depth and breadth to the current skill sets one gains over their working life. The programme does not intend to rehash technical skills learned during the undergraduate course, repeating the “what”, but rather, it encourages students to critically think about the “why” and “how”, such that its graduates are prepared to address challenging circumstances affecting their organisations. The focus skills, such as critical thinking, creativity, strategy, cross-cultural awareness and leadership, are transferable skills that made me better prepared to move to the next level of my professional career.” “Systems thinking and self-reflection are two management skills the course has imparted me with. By adapting systems thinking, I am able to see issues holistically from the perspectives of various stakeholders, thus enabling me to seek solutions that make sense to all parties concerned. Self-reflection is an important soft skill which enables one to be aware of how our actions and behaviour are being perceived by others.” Check out the University of Birmingham’s programmes offered at SIM Global Education. Learn more about the programmes available at SIM Global Education. View other alumni features. Posted online, 18 December 2017