Su Myat Moe

With the support of SIM GE, I was able to relax and enjoy the opportunities that I had and pursue my interests.
Discover SIM GE When Su Myat Moe (pictured above) first stepped into SIM GE, she felt a huge responsibility resting on her shoulders to prove herself as an international student. However, the SIM-University at Buffalo BSc Business Administration student was able to settle into life at SIM GE and find a home away from home. She shares more about how she tackled the challenges she faced at SIM GE and made her many learning experiences count. Making UB Her Choice “I was interested in University at Buffalo (UB) as it offered me direct entry to my bachelor studies. It has a flexible system of giving students the responsibility to make their own choices in taking up more work and finishing universities earlier than scheduled. This is a system which has allowed me to finish my university degree in two years and nine months, at the age of 19, and come out crowned as a valedictorian and a Summa Cum Laude Honour student.” Stepping Into A New World “As an overseas student, I found that I was trying very hard to prove myself in all circumstances. In a way, I felt that I was representing my country with each assignment and group that I joined. Though it was not a burden that anyone put on me, understanding the psychology behind assumptions and first impressions, made me determined to make an impression. However, with time, I realised I was not alone. With the support of SIM GE, I was able to relax and enjoy the opportunities that I had and pursue my interests.” An Abundance Of Opportunities “SIM GE has a wide variety of clubs offered to the student community and that was one of the benefits that I took advantage of and it has shaped me monumentally to be who I am today. It has allowed me to explore my interests and increase my capabilities. A newly founded club called Data Analysis Club, -of which I was honoured with presidency in my second year- was the reason I discovered my interest in all that is data, artificial intelligence and technology, especially their applications in the industry of finance.” “I also received a SIM GE Scholarship in the category of Academic Excellence and Leadership. The scholarship has been valuable to me because it opened many doors for me as it allowed me to be with a group of inspiring student leaders, who are indeed leaders of tomorrow in their own rights. They are able to motivate, execute and perfect every detail down to the points. The scholarship itself have been a blessing but the group of student leaders behind the SIM GE Scholars’ Network (SSN) has been a massive force of change behind my perspectives and leadership. “ Leading, Learning And Bonding “My experiences with Data Analysis Club (DAC) and SIM GE Scholars’ Network (SSN) were the most memorable for me. As mentioned, they were life-changing experiences in more than one way. The communities have taught me so much on how I can improve myself and I will always remember the lessons I learned. What we have in those communities are like-minded and passionate individuals who have a strong bond of friendship. They are supportive and have a strong will to explore and challenge the world. Being with them has allowed me to lead, learn and bond like no other." Su Myat Moe pictured (fourth from left) in the front row with UB students at SIM GE’s Open House. A Journey With Many Valuable Lessons “My journey at UB and at many of the SIM GE student leaders’ communities has bettered me as a person, especially my soft skills including teamwork and communications. I have been taught to believe in the learning process and to believe in second chances, back-up plans. Along with that, I have learned how to prioritise resources and to work with others with humility and passion. All these, I believe, are the key to my first job, here at Ayeyarwady Bank, a leading bank in Myanmar, as an Assistant Manager in Structured Finance team, under Corporate Banking department.” A Constant Quest For Knowledge “I am motivated by learning. It has been an uphill task to be so passionate about learning despite mistakes and failures. I also believe in pulling myself up by my bootstraps if I fall down, and I continue to thirst for knowledge be it in the crafts of painting or the wild wilderness of finance industry or the maze that is called the Mandarin language.” Watch Su Myat Moe deliver her valedictorian speech at the University at Buffalo Commencement Ceremony 2017: Posted online, 11 September 2017