Shane Lee

For most entrepreneurs, if you look around, they usually they have this particular trait in them that makes them who they are.
Discover SIM GE In this ‘Confessions of SIMtrepreneur’ series, we feature four SIM GE alumni who have soared to great heights of success in the business world as entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. They reveal their honest views on their successes, struggles, and journey at SIM GE. Here are highlights of what they had to share. Shane Lee SIM-RMIT University, Bachelor of Business (Marketing) Are Entrepreneurs Born Or Made? “Entrepreneurs are born because when you talk about entrepreneurs, you are talking about a very specific personality trait, (they are) people who dare to take risks. So, for most entrepreneurs, if you look around, they usually they have this particular trait in them that makes them who they are.” “The (SIM GE) Student Life Division actually provides a lot of platforms for students to gain experience. So for me, what I learned here is I learned to handle budgets, I learned to handle people, I learned to handle events and to liaise with professionals outside. All this actually gave me an experience and over the few years, it gave me an idea whether this is the thing that I (would) like to do or if I want to do it. I feel that these are the different ways that students can explore to see if they are entrepreneurs or not.” A Memorable Achievement “My biggest achievement or satisfaction are two things: The String Ensemble and The Musical (Broadway Musical Production). Till today when we meet up with other musical actors, they are still talking about their time here…I’m just happy that the project (Broadway Musical Production) actually did make a difference with those 40 over members and for String Ensemble, we are happy that till today they are still performing. There was this year when we couldn’t recruit anyone, so we thought it was closing down but it’s still going strong so that’s something I’m happy about.” Sending His Kids To SIM GE? “It will definitely be one of the top choices. There’s a lot to explore here. There’s SIM partners with global universities; there’s opportunities for them to have a semester there to see how the education is like abroad but (at) end of the day I’ll let them decide. I want them to choose their own path and to be happy with what they do.” Having Supportive Parents “Since young they didn’t impose on me that I must be a doctor or lawyer. They just told me to try my best and see how it goes. But from young, I have not really been trying my best until after army when I entered SIM, I actually told myself that it's probably the last time I’ll be studying so why not give it my best shot and just see how it goes. But they gave me the support that I needed to do what I want.” For Shane’s full interview, click here to watch Posted online, 19 April 2017