Renee Hong

The DIB programme has enabled me to gain insights into different business cultures, and to view issues from different perspectives by combining the experience of another culture and business.
Discover SIM GE With a penchant for travelling and a passion to learn about different business cultures around the world, Renee Hong embarked on the journey to pursue her interest at SIM GE by taking up the Diploma in International Business (DIB) programme. The time that she has spent in SIM GE has been nothing short of an enriching one as she gained a wealth of experience and formed many special memories beyond the classroom. As Renee pursues her degree studies in international business at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom (UK), she reflects on a fulfilling journey thus far. A Passion For International Business “I have always been captivated by the way different businesses of varying scales operate especially on a global basis. Studying International Business, has equipped me with different insights into various cultures on a global scales. It also reaffirms my decision to work in a global sector for its diversity.” Taking Part In Business China Youth Showdown “At SIM GE, I was given the opportunity to take part in Business China Youth Showdown, a competition that serves as a platform for youth to gain an in-depth understanding of China through research. This experience has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of global issues and how to view them from different perspectives. I am more confident in speaking and expressing my views now.” Gaining Business Insights “The DIB programme paved the way for me to gain insights into different business cultures, and to view issues from different perspectives by combining the experience different cultures and businesses.” “The international marketing module which I studied during my current degree programme looks at the importance of culture in ensuring a successful (marketing) campaign. Through this module, I was able to pay more attention to various marketing strategies during my travels. Also, taking the initiative to lead in several group projects has significantly helped in cultivating my leadership skills which is an important asset when I step into the working world.” Renee spent time working in SIM GE’s Marketing & Communications Division. Growing Through New Experiences “I was offered the opportunity to work part-time in SIM GE’s Marketing & Communications Division. Through daily experiences, I have learned how to work as a team and experience things first-hand such as planning for events and handling logistics. This has definitely helped me in managing my time better and to do things more efficiently.” “What I have learnt most while pursuing my studies overseas is to be independent and make my own decisions. I’ve also gained confidence through speaking up and meeting new people from other countries. One step that I’ve taken in order to expand my social circle and improve my language skills was to sign up as a Japanese language partner. Through such experiences, I was able to meet many friends from all over the globe and understand more about their countries in hopes of visiting them in the near future. Renee (left) is currently studying at the University of Birmingham. Making A Mark “I decided to pursue a degree programme in Birmingham as it offers an opportunity to study additional language such as Japanese which provides me with a greater advantage in communication especially in an international context. I’ve also been passionate about the language and I believe it also boosts my future career prospects. I will be going to Keio University in Tokyo for my third year of university studies before completing my final year back in the UK.” “I hope to work in marketing at a multinational corporation. This would allow me to put what I have learnt into practice. After gaining some years of experience, I would hope to start a business in the future as I am inspired by my parents who started a business of their own.” Find out more about SIM Diploma programmes. Applications are now open for 2018 intake! Posted online, 18 November 2016, updated 27 April 2018 [rev_slider alias="sim-achievers-campaign-2019"]