Razali Abdul Rahim

I am more confident when dealing with clients and airport authorities. When an aircraft experiences technical issues, I am able to understand the problems and communicate better.
Discover SIM GE As the Aviation sector in Singapore looks set to receive a significant boost in the next few years, more pathways for jobs within this sector are being carved. The SIM-RMIT Bachelor of Applied Science (Aviation) programme is one such pathway which has opened doors for two graduates- Razali Abdul Rahim and Tan Yen Hoe to pursue their passion for Aviation. They tell their story here…. Name: Razali Abdul Rahim Occupation: Ramp Manager A Passion Since His Youth “When I was in secondary school, I remember this magazine about military aircrafts that would come out every week. I would save my money to buy them and I would read it from end to end. The concept of flights has always been amazing to me. I love the pictures, the history and stories. I was indeed always fascinated with airplanes and airports. It’s almost mystical in my mind. So naturally, I ended up working at the airport.” “I fell in love with aviation when I first worked as a Customer Services Agent with a ground handling company at Changi airport in 1996. To me, aviation is about serving people, facing challenges on a daily basis and making a flight possible for thousands of people is what keeps me going. It’s about bringing smiles to people as they go on their holidays or business meetings.” “I am currently working with the ramp team. These are the guys that do below-wing services for an aircraft which include baggage handling, lavatory and potable water servicing, towing as well as catering. I am expected to support the team in this area and oversee safety, maintenance and operational procedures.” Seeking Opportunities for Growth “Aviation programmes on offer were limited in those days, so I looked to other ways of enhancing my knowledge by working on a diploma and other job-specific trainings that my employers provided. You can imagine my delight when my current manager showed me a flyer for this programme...it was the perfect part-time programme for the industry that I love. It also allowed me to work and study at the same time. The degree was also issued by a reputable institution like SIM-RMIT and the cost of the programme was within my means.” Overcoming Challenges “The biggest challenge was juggling family life, work and studies. This was quickly overcome by a supportive family, colleagues and course lecturers. The lecturers have years of experience in their fields and know what it is like to study and work at the same time. They were always very supportive and were always happy to relook at the timetable to help the students. They were open to discussions and were willing to make reasonable exceptions. Furthermore, they were always there to help and their sincerity showed." Leaving No Stone Unturned “The programme is really helpful in my line of work. It has introduced me to the finer aspects of ground handling. These aspects include Human Factor, Security, Safety Management Systems, Aircraft systems and Airport operations. I am more confident when dealing with clients and airport authorities. When an aircraft experiences technical issues, I am able to understand the problems and communicate better. “I have a better understanding of the importance of safety and how it impacts the safety culture within an organisation. The programme has also emphasised aviation security and how the smallest loopholes can lead to potential dangers. Overall, the programme has made me more confident and aware of how far-reaching the aviation industry is.” Name: Tan Yen Hoe Occupation: Media Operations Coordinator Of Aircrafts and Airlines “I love trying new aircrafts of different airlines to review the latest seats, and of course the food on board. I document my experiences on my Instagram account for memory. If my budget permits, I occasionally bid for a business class upgrade for memorable experiences.” Making A Career Switch “Having been in the media industry for some time, I wanted to experience a new challenge. The Singapore Government’s commitment to developing Changi Airport as a leading air transportation hub with the expansion of Terminal 4 and Terminal 5 seemed like the perfect opportunity to pursue this programme for me to get my foot in the aviation door." "The main challenge of pursuing a part-time course is trying to fulfil the demand of school life with work and personal life, ideally striving to find a balance between all three of these is not easy…thankfully we had understanding lecturers when we were working on our assignments. Although admittedly I did not sleep much at times due to chasing deadlines, I did not feel tired because I was working on topics related to a course that I am very much interested in. The knowledge that I gathered through research while working on my assignments is what kept me awake. " Gaining Valuable Knowledge “Knowledge-wise, the lecturers have imparted many valuable nuggets of information as they gave a first-hand experience of their work encounters in the industry. In terms of personal development, pursuing this part-time course has taught me that perseverance is important. Juggling the demand of school and work is tough, but nothing can get in your way if you have a strong passion and interest in what you are doing. I am thankful to be able to complete this degree with a distinction.” Looking Ahead With Positivity “There are three sectors in the aviation industry that I am considering going into- airport planning, airport management and inflight catering. Airport planning and management is something that I have always been interested in, while inflight catering will be the perfect marriage of two of my passions in life- food and aviation.” Posted online 22 February 2018