Min Ng

The vibrancy of Student life programmes at SIM will stay with me as precious memories, long after my student days.
Discover SIM GE SHE wants to be a clinical psychologist to help patients with psychological health problems and those with severe behavioural difficulties. But the route to this is not an easy feat which requires at least a Masters in Psychology, alongside two years of supervised training. While Min Ng is currently in the midst of completing her degree, she is also involved with music, playing the cello at SIM events with other members of the SIM String Ensemble. The highlight was the ensemble’s annual public concert on March 29, 2014, performed at Republic Poly under the baton of SSO conductor Chan Wei Shing (picture above, Min Ng is front, centre). As president of the group, she helps in organising the concert and the other musical performances. “I love gathering everyone in the ensemble to play together,” says Min, 22, She also performed in the 2013 concert, "Intermezzo" at the Esplanade Recital Studio. “Besides the annual symphony concerts, my fellow musicians and I were also involved in the annual graduation ceremonies held by the University of London, RMIT University and University at Buffalo. We also played at the SIM Scholarship awards ceremony in mid-2013. We sometimes ended up playing three days in a row! "One memorable occasion was the SIM University Convocation dinner on Oct 18, 2013, graced by the presence of President Tony Tan. “Other performances included playing in the stage production, "Chapters of Love", by the SIM Film & Performing Arts Society, in January 2014, and during the SIM GE Open House in March. Our ensemble were also invited to perform at various community centres. There were occasions when I had to perform three nights in a row! “Despite the tight schedule, I enjoyed the experience as it gave me exposure on stage, and built my confidence. I also learnt the importance of time management as I juggled my studies and my musical commitment.” Commenting on the CCA events at the SIM campus, Min says, “The vibrancy of Student life programmes at SIM will stay with me as precious memories, long after my student days.” Passion in music As the only child in the family, Min received all the love and indulgences that her parents could shower on her. At 8, she began playing the piano and discovered how much she enjoyed it. “It made me feel relaxed and gave me the energy to continue doing the things I love. “In secondary school days I joined the school's Guitar Ensemble and much later while studying in the poly, I took up the cello. I was instantly attracted to the warm, rich, deep and intense sound of this gigantic instrument.” Her favourite piece to listen is Élégie, Opus. 24, written by French composer Gabriel Fauré in 1880 for cello and piano. The elegy, in C minor, features a sombre opening and climaxes with an intense, fast-paced central section. “The intense cello solo usually calms me down after a hard day’s work.” Accelerated learning Min is taking a double major in Psychology and Sociology at SIM-UB (University at Buffalo, the State University of New York). “I choose the programme for three reasons,” she says. “It allows me to complete my degree in an accelerated mode of only three years. UB is ranked among the top universities in the world. Finally, the timetable is flexible, allowing me time for both studies and music.” She also points out that studying in SIM is much cheaper, and at the same time she gets the same curriculum and quality of teaching as the students in the Buffalo campus in New York. - Interviewed, posted online, May 26, 2014