Low Wee Jin

Be patient with yourself. Progress requires time and it is important to take things one step at a time. You will need to spend many hours at the driving range before you start to see significant results.
Discover SIM GE By HuiQi Yow Wee Jin pictured at the Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship. Striking a balance between competing at a high level and studying is certainly no walk in the park - but national golfer Low Wee Jin takes it all in his stride to excel at what he does. Despite pitting his skills at renowned competitions such as the recent Asian Games 2018, the SIM-RMIT Bachelor of Business (Marketing) student still finds time to clock in the hours in order to keep pace with his studies. He shares more here… Wee Jin first picked up golfing at the age of nine, taking after his parents who would often have golf games of their own. Soon, weekly practices turned daily and before he knew it, golf wasn’t just a hobby but something he was actively trying to get better at. His commitment grew over time, as did his love for the sport. “Golf really motivates me to want to get better because it requires precision, accuracy and determination,” he shares. “It has encouraged me to challenge setbacks and overcome situations with perseverance.” The hours of practice slowly paid off and Wee Jin went on to play at club level before progressing to national and eventually international level. He was inducted into the national development squad in the 2007/2008 season and joined the 2016/17 national squad. Presently, Wee Jin trains five and a half days a week, and travels frequently for tournaments. He recalls his experience at the recent Asian Games 2018 with excitement. “The athlete’s village was something that I had never seen before. It was so exhilarating to see everyone from all the different sports and countries - living and eating in the same vicinity.” Being able to represent Singapore on an international level was a milestone he was extremely proud to reach and he has set his sights on bigger stages. “This will hopefully drive me to do my country proud in future competitions,” he adds. Wee Jin (second from right) represented Singapore at the recent Asian Games 2018. Staying On Course The road to success has been trying at times. Wee Jin, who first enrolled in 2016 in SIM as a Diploma in Management Studies student and is now en route to completing his degree goes the extra mile to ensure he stays abreast of his lessons, even when he is in between travels for competitions. “I try my best to read up on the lessons that I have missed while I am on the road, and try to schedule my training sessions around my classes as much as possible.” SIM GE seeks to meet him, and other athletes alike halfway by encouraging them to excel in both aspects. Wee Jin shares that the institution has supported him by offering him a flexible schedule which allows him to train and travel to represent the nation in competitions around the globe. His classmates have further bolstered support as well. “I have been fortunate enough to have met some great individuals; my group mates have been extremely supportive and understanding even with my constant traveling.” At the Heritage Golf Club in Mauritius. Looking ahead, Wee Jin aims to utilise his degree to help him get a foot in the finance industry. “My dad has been in the finance industry all his life and he has taught me some of the basics over the years. Furthermore, I have developed a keen interest in the finance industry after enrolling into SIM and I now having a better understanding of it,” he says. He intends to continue advancing his golfing career and has set his sights on the upcoming Putra Cup. He also hopes to bring home the gold medal at the Southeast Asian Games in 2019. When asked if he has any valuable lessons that he has learned from all his years in professional golf, Wee Jin says,” Be patient with yourself. Progress requires time and it is important to take things one step at a time. You will need to spend many hours at the driving range before you start to see significant results. Likewise, in life, you will need to work at things before they bear fruit. It is important to keep working at it and to never give up.” Posted online, 16 November 2018