Lin Huiling

…the curriculum helps you build a very strong foundation, so when you have to apply what you’ve learn independently, it’s easy to remember things.
Discover SIM GE Leaving the comfort zone for a brighter future Choosing SIM Global Education marked a turning point in Huiling’s journey. By pursuing a globally recognised degree, she gained more than just world-class qualifications. SIM GE’s dynamic curriculum changed Huiling’s attitude towards learning. For a person who was initially “not very studious”, she now adopted a proactive approach and sought to make the most of her experience. Today, Huiling attributes her ability to stay ahead of tomorrow’s challenges to the adaptable skill set she gained at SIM GE. She elaborates on how SIM GE helped her cultivate a global mindset. On how SIM GE’s approach to learning motivated her “In university, I think we shouldn’t be spoonfed. So I liked how SIM GE lecturers gave us room to explore on our own. And what I appreciate the most is that the curriculum helps you build a very strong foundation, so when you have to apply what you’ve learnt independently, it’s easy to remember things.” On how her local and overseas experiences helped her grow “I had the chance to do summer school at LSE. When I did a comparison of what I studied there versus what we learn back in Singapore, they were very similar. So it’s pretty cool to know that your education is directly from London.” “My co-curricular involvement also taught me how to talk to new people. It prepared me for the workplace - I learnt how to work in a team, how to be a leader, and how to manage deadlines and projects.” On what it means to be Global Ready “It’s being ready to work anywhere in the world. Being able to work in all kinds of different cultures. In SIM GE, there is a diverse student body, especially from all parts of Asia, and all of us get to interact on a daily basis.” Learn more about the programmes available at SIM Global Education. View other alumni features.