Lim Yun Yi

Be daring and willing to step out of your own comfort zone.
Discover SIM GE Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Banking and Finance, University of London But Lim Yun Yi, 23, was in Singapore, performing before a hushed crowd at the SIM Global Education scholarship presentation in July 2012. Herself a recipient of the scholarship, Yun Yi performs on the Liuqin 柳琴 at SIM’s events regularly. Scholarships These awards are given to outstanding Singaporean and international students to pursue the overseas Bachelor's degree programmes at SIM Global Education. Up to 35 scholarships are awarded each year to new and existing students. The scholarship categories are Academic Excellence and Leadership, and Sports and Artistic Talent. Read more here… As an SIM scholar, Yun Yi has many opportunities to learn beyond the textbooks. For example, she participated in the Leadership Training Challenge Workshop where she practised thinking outside of the box. And in her own studies, she says she find the SIM lecturers very helpful. “In class, they provide us real-world cases which we may use in our exam answers.” "I'm a member of the Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra since 2004 and have been actively involved in their concert performances,” she says. “I also performed at school events such as the SIM’s 20th Annual Homecoming Dinner in 2012 and both RMIT’s and UniSIM’s convocations.” Career aspiration Yun Yi is a third-year University of London BSc (Hons) Banking & Finance student. And with only one more semester to go this year (2013), she hopes to join the banking profession once she graduates. She has already spent close to seven months as an intern at HSBC bank, first in its retail banking and wealth management, and then in its compliance department. During her attachment in retail banking, she acquired real-life experience interacting with customers. "I learnt how to strengthen and deepen relationships with customers, which is outside of textbook learning," she explains. Yun Yi who is graduating in mid-2013, offers some advice to new students starting their own tertiary endeavour: "Be daring and willing to step out of your own comfort zone. It is only then that you are able to grab the opportunities available and make the best out of it. Never be afraid to try even though you know you may not succeed. Surprises happen all the time and who knows, this might be your opportunity to make a difference in your life and shine." Interviewed and published online, January 2013 Lim Yun Yi playing at the SIM Alumni Homecoming event in October, 2012