Jerwin Antony

We gain wider exposure, because even as students, we get to meet industry leaders and collaborate with various firms and bodies.
Discover SIM GE Putting what he learns to good use Beyond academic excellence, SIM GE’s rich campus life has over 70 student clubs, giving students a well-rounded education experience. Focused and driven, Jerwin always knew he wanted to be in accounting. That’s why he took the initiative to join the SIM Accounting Association to learn more about accounting, beyond the books. In his second year, he took up the challenge of being President to help take the club further. Furthermore, he also believes that we all play a part in shaping our world. That’s why he actively gives back to society by volunteering his accounting skills at non-profit organisations through his co-curricular activity. Besides being able to help others, this gave him real-world experience, preparing him for his future career. He credits SIM GE for instilling him with a Global Edge mindset that allows him to succeed in his endeavours. On what it means to have a Global Edge “To me, having a Global Edge means being able to adapt and excel in any new situations. Especially in finance and accounting, where talents often come from all over the world. I experienced this first-hand with the SIM Accounting Association. That’s why it’s vital to be able to understand how to work in an international environment. So whether it’s Singapore or overseas, I’ll be able to do well.” On the globalised campus “Meeting people from all around the world helped me become more culturally sensitive and I learnt how to relate and collaborate with people from different countries and cultures.“ On his co-curricular activities “We gain wider exposure, because even as students, we get to meet industry leaders and collaborate with various firms and bodies. Volunteering my accounting skills to help non-profit organisations also gave me hands-on experience in the real world. This gave me added confidence when I start my career.” On the SIM GE culture “It’s got a very vibrant environment! There are many opportunities for learning and hands-on work. The lecturers and staff are very supportive of students to excel in both academic and non-academic areas.” On making the most of his SIM GE experience “I love it that at SIM GE we don’t just focus on our studies or co-curricular activities. The holistic student life at SIM gives us a well-rounded education and allows us to grow not just academically but in other areas, like leadership, teamwork, public speaking and more. There’re also many opportunities for students to learn and grow in class and out of class, with many like-minded friends.” Check out the University of London’s programmes offered at SIM Global Education. Learn more about the programmes available at SIM Global Education. Find out more about Project 1095 View other alumni features.