Jeffrey Ong

Discovering a new way of thinking and looking at problems that was both welcoming and daunting - Jeffrey Ong on his study at SIM-RMIT.
Discover SIM GE Bachelor of Nursing (Post-Registration) Part-Time, The University of Sydney SINCE graduating from the SIM-RMIT Bachelor of Business Administration programme -- now known as the Bachelor of Business (Management) -- Jeffrey Ong has been in the business of empowering others. In less than two decades, the highly-motivated individual has chalked up an impressive resume through holding key positions in Human Resource Development or HRD at multinationals such as Nokia and Motorola Electronics. His job experience, which also spans industries as diverse as retail, tourism and manufacturing, is an indication of his versatility. Empowering others Currently First Vice-President of Talent and Organisational Development at UOB Bank, Jeffrey oversees and executes training programmes both internally and externally, the latter extending across borders. Through these programmes, he aims to help individuals and organisations see things from new perspectives, in the hope of empowering them and affecting their actions positively. Jeffrey says he finds joy in being able to “make a meaningful contribution to the organisation”, adding that the most rewarding aspect of his job is “when people realise what they can do is more than what they thought they could do before”. His present job marks another chapter in his HRD journey, which began when he was a student at SIM Global Education. His passion and flair in Human Resource Development was sparked by his lecturer for Organisation Structure and Design, Douglas O’Loughlin. “His passion and example inspired me to explore this career option, and his advice started me on my HRD journey,” Jeffrey says of his lecturer. Fulfilling journey SIM GE and RMIT University’s credibility was what prompted Jeffrey to enroll in the business management programme offered jointly by the institutions. He describes his academic experience at SIM GE as fulfilling, with learning being his favourite part of the programme. Central to his learning experiences was his discovery of a new way of thinking and looking at problems, which he feels was both welcoming and daunting. “I had to discard old ways of doing things - those that served me well till then - and embrace new and foreign ones,” he says. However, as challenging as the experience was, it gave him an edge when he entered the workforce, providing him with “different ‘lenses’ to view the world and workings in organisations”. Jeffrey speaks with enthusiasm and fondness when asked about his time on campus. For the established professional who has gained a foothold in the banking industry, it was his project team mates that made his experience at SIM GE special. He thinks they brought out one another’s best, and that his achievements were due in no small part due to them. “They exemplified the notion that no one person is perfect, but a team can be,” he says. Passion is key to success From his experience helping others reach their fullest potential, Jeffrey believes there is no single formula for success because each individual is unique. Instead, he emphasises the importance of passion in the individual’s career path. You start out by understanding yourself and identifying the pursuit that is both meaningful and gratifying to you. Interview by Eunice Lim, second-year BA (Communication & Sociology), University at Buffalo, State University of New York. Published in VIBES magazine, July-December 2012, posted online November 2012 [rev_slider alias="sim-achievers-campaign-2019"]