Jeff Junior Phua

SIM-University of Birmingham alumnus, Jeff Junior Phua Sheng Zhi, finds fulfilment in his dynamic career as a Trade Service Analyst at J.P Morgan Chase. As a student, Jeff excelled in his academia and had emerged as second overall in his cohort. The alumnus also thrived on challenges and had embarked on hiking expeditions with SIM Outdoor Adventure Club. Today, he attributes his efficacy at work to his vibrant student experience in SIM where he had gained a firm grounding to scale new heights of success at work.

26 Mar 2021


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Thriving in a Dynamic Environment


Tell us about your role as a Trade Service Analyst at an American investment bank.

As a Trade Service Analyst, my job revolves around financial markets and their tools. In my role, I perform Futures & Options clearing activities and reconciliation as well as oversee the settlement of services for exchange-traded derivative products.

Additionally, I am also responsible for registering Exchange of Futures for Physical deal on exchange for an American investment bank internal and external clients.

What do you enjoy about your work?

At an American investment bank, everyday entails a new set of challenges! During high volatility periods in the financial markets, it can get quite challenging to meet the clients’ needs and demands. However, I do enjoy the challenge. I get to learn a lot in the process as various teams come together to solve the clients’ prevailing issues and uphold their standards at the same time.

Have you encountered any challenges in the industry or your role in light of the pandemic?

During these unprecedented times, every challenge is not only new to me, but to the industry as well. My tip to overcome these challenges would be to stay hungry and curious regardless and adapt to the situations accordingly. Turn to your colleagues for help if needed as their support and advice will go a long way.

How has the SIM-University of Birmingham Accounting and Finance programme prepared you for the workforce?

The Accounting and Finance programme modules enabled me to have an overview of the business and gain a holistic understanding of trade processes in financial markets. Overall, it has strengthened the foundation needed to perform effectively in my role as a Trade Service Analyst.

Can you share with us the highlights of your SIM student life experience?

One of the highlights of my student life experience was reaching the summit of Mount Ophir alongside my teammates from SIM Outdoor Adventure Club (ODAC)! As an individual who enjoys outdoor hiking, the hikes have not only satiated my love for the outdoors, but they have also enabled me to expand my network and meet interesting and like-minded people. Through my interactions with them, I’ve learned a lot about other industries.

Another highlight of my student life experience would also be emerging as overall second in my cohort upon graduation!

(Photos were taken before the COVID-19 pandemic)

Any words of advice for SIM FutureMakers?

I believe that in order to achieve great things, it is important for an individual to set clear goals for him or herself. Follow up by planning the right steps and putting in the hard work to inch towards them. Never doubt your own capabilities and always believe in yourself!

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Posted online, 26 Mar 2021