Ishaan Ghai

It was also my goal to pursue my studies at LSE and I felt that pursuing the programme at SIM-UOL BSc (Hons) in Business would place me on the right track to accomplish this goal.
Discover SIM GE Ishaan Ghai pictured at the Barbican Centre in London. (Photo credit: London School of Economics and Political Science) He’s picked up the University of London (UOL) Prize Winner Award* twice as well as the Liberty Study Award** during his time in SIM GE and he is currently pursuing a Masters programme in Accounting and Finance at the London School of Economics (LSE). Despite his achievements, Ishaan Ghai, an international alumnus from India, remains firmly grounded, attributing his success to those around him. “I would not have been able to come this far and achieve many things without the help of my family members, my lecturers and close friends. Whenever I see them happy, it actually motivates me further and this drives me to achieve more,” he says. After all, it was his father that had set him on the path to achieving his dreams. “My dad is a businessman and naturally, I’ve been very interested in business and commerce since my high school days. I decided to come to SIM GE after hearing about the university from my seniors back home who’ve studied there. It was also my goal to pursue my studies at LSE and I felt that pursuing the programme at SIM-UOL BSc (Hons) in Business would place me on the right track to accomplish this goal,” Ishaan shares. It was sheer hard work, coupled with the constant support he received from those close to him that led him to accomplish his goals. Ishaan diligently revised after each lecture and would sought clarification from his lecturers whenever he faced any difficulties with his subjects at school. These simple yet consistent steps led to his success. Ishaan emerged as the top performer out of 265 graduates in his programme and was awarded the Silver Medal for Academic Excellence. He also earned a SIM-LSE Summer School scholarship. An All-Round Achiever Besides his academic achievements, Ishaan was also involved in co-curricular activities such as SIM Social Innovation Park, SIM Indian Society, SIM Cricket Club and the Peer Assisted Learning Programme (PAL). Through his participation in each of these clubs, Ishaan was able to make his university experience an enriching one, having met friends from different backgrounds and life experiences. “The Cricket Club was one such club where I was able to play with students from different countries such as Singapore, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Despite the fact that we were from different countries, we trained together as a team with one united spirit and had the desire to do well for SIM. One of the proudest moments for me was winning the silver medal for SIM at the Singapore University Games for two consecutive years.” For his outstanding contributions in his co-curricular activities, Ishaan was awarded the Impetus Award and the Flames Of Achievement Award. As he undergoes his Masters programme at LSE, Ishaan believes that the UOL programme at SIM GE has helped build a strong foundation for him. “I am very fortunate to be sitting in a classroom with some of the best performers in the entire world. The modules I did at SIM have been helpful. Without this foundation it would have been hard to do well here. I’ve also been in touch with professors at SIM whenever I need help. So, I cannot thank SIM enough for the experiences and opportunities I’ve been given,” he adds. Ishaan hopes to pursue a career in financial planning and analysis when he graduates. *Prize winners are students/graduates identified by the University of London to have excelled in their overall examinations for the degree that they are taking. ** The award by Liberty Insurance is given to 50 students of Private Education Institutions (PEIs) in Singapore. It recognises deserving students who have excelled in both the academic and non-academic fields. Posted online, 26 May 2017 [rev_slider alias="sim-achievers-campaign-2019"]