Go Further: Four In-demand Jobs You Can Get With a Master's Degree

Find out some of the best jobs that could be yours if you take your studies to the next level.

7 Oct 2019

5 mins read

People attend graduate school for various reasons. Some do so to deepen their knowledge in their fields of specialisation, while others desire to improve their career prospects. Indeed, pursuing further studies can help you climb the corporate ladder—and possibly land you attractive jobs that were previously out of your reach. Curious to know what they are? Here’s a short list of in-demand jobs that require a master’s degree more often than not:

Data Scientist

Ranked as Singapore’s top emerging job in 2018 by professional networking site LinkedIn, a career in data science is undoubtedly one of the trendiest jobs in today’s high-tech world. In general, data scientists analyse data and transform them into actionable insights. On a daily basis, they may need to clean up data to ensure accuracy and uniformity, as well as identify trends in data that can help a business grow. If this sounds like a career you’d love, you’ll need a strong educational background as 91% of data scientists have at least a master’s degree.

Programme(s) that could help you get there: Master of Science in Data Science, Master of Science in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Master of Science in Data Science and Financial Technology

Cyber Security Manager

As reported by LinkedIn, jobs in cyber security grew at a rate of 5.5 times between 2013 and 2017. Although a bachelor’s degree can open the doors to vast opportunities in cyber security, a master’s is typically required for managerial or C-level positions. That’s because a cyber-security manager is not only tasked to prevent cyber-attacks, but is also responsible for overseeing security systems and teams. The management skills needed can be learnt through postgraduate studies.

Programme(s) that could help you get there: Master of Science in Cyber Security and Management

Management Consultant

Management consultants are problem-solvers who help organisations improve their performance and often work with C-suite executives. You’ll find a variety of consulting firms, some focus on a single sector such as healthcare or IT, while others deal with a broad spectrum of industries. The demand for qualified management consultants is consistently high and growing rapidly, particularly in Asia Pacific where economies are booming. But competition is also fierce for this rewarding and fast-paced career. To have an edge over other candidates, it’s best to get a reputable postgraduate degree that is related to business.

Programme(s) that could help you get there: Master of Business Administration

Global Business Development Manager

As more and more private companies (and not just large public corporations) go global, there’s never been a better time to explore job avenues in international business. The roles of a global business development manager are especially exciting. Combining strategic analysis with marketing and sales techniques, global business development managers help their companies grow outside of their home countries. While it’s possible to land an entry-level job in this field with a bachelor’s degree, a master’s qualification can accelerate your rise to the top.

Programme(s) that could help you get there: Master of Science International Business

If you’re starting to see the value of a master’s degree in your hunt for highly sought-after graduate jobs, why not take your studies to the next level? To get started, learn more about our postgraduate programmes here.