Gaining a Competitive Edge

Explore Eveline Violetta's inspiring journey as a recent BSc (Honours) Management & Digital Innovation graduate under the University of London (UOL) programme. She reflects on the significance of receiving the SIM EDGE Award, her achievements and her roles within the student community.

9 Jan 2024

1. Could you provide a brief introduction about yourself and your experience at SIM?

Eveline: I grew up in a small Indonesian town and subsequently moved to different cities; living independently from my family since age ten has shaped my strong personality and adaptability. Always eager to learn and step out of my comfort zone, my vibrant student life at SIM provided diverse exposure. I am a recent BSc (Honours) Management & Digital Innovation graduate under the University of London (UOL) programme. Currently, I hold a marketing position at a trading company, collaborating with various electronics and home appliances brands in Singapore.

Academically, my active participation in numerous workshops from my first year onward has honed my communication and relationship management skills. Serving as an Event Subcommittee and Student Ambassador in the Global Learning Society, I later took on a higher responsibility as a Marketing Director at IMMIX (International Multicultural Mix). This role allowed me to champion cultural diversity among SIM students, providing invaluable insights into global awareness and humility in navigating diverse cultures and norms. The recognition came in April 2023 when I was honoured with the Impact Award, acknowledging my leadership and service to the SIM community. My performance in the UOL 2022 examination earned me a Commendation, a satisfying accomplishment complementing the attainment of my bachelor's degree in UOL with first-class honours.  

2. How do you feel about being the recipient of the SIM EDGE Award? What does this recognition mean to you personally?

Eveline: This award is a tangible testament to the unwavering dedication and consistent hard work I poured into my university journey at SIM. It not only reaffirms my achievements but also acknowledges the resilience and commitment I demonstrated to thrive in my three years of study, both academically and in various non-academic pursuits. The EDGE Award also enhances my professional skills and capabilities for prospective employers. These competencies play a significant role in my long-term career plans.

I became aware of the significant qualities I should develop, both technical and soft skills. With the opportunities I had during university life, I was taught much about growing my resourcefulness to find solutions or alternatives amidst difficulties. I learned that my experience in engaging with various people, handling conflicts, and making decisions helped me to get an idea of what the working world is like and to plan my career path well. I feel confident about positively impacting my surroundings and performing distinctly in my future career. I am beyond grateful for this recognition, a testament to my resilience.

3. Why do you think this award is important for students and their future endeavours?

Eveline: As this award qualifies the candidates rigorously with several significant attributes performed with distinction, it takes more than just luck. The EDGE Award signifies the contributions and achievements of a student to foster holistic growth. We might not need validation of our skills and competencies, yet the journeys and processes to receive the award can contribute to shaping us as well-rounded individuals. By performing exceptionally in and outside class, students can gain self-awareness to appreciate their strengths and weaknesses while also understanding the employer's expectations and what they can bring to the table for future success.

University life is short, but everyone has the same opportunity. Make the best of your learning period in SIM to upgrade your skills and invest in yourself through the dynamic workshops and programmes SIM provides. There are a lot of extracurricular activities that you can choose to expand your connections and hone your competencies. It is also important to balance with your academic life and do well in your tasks or exams. Self-discipline and consistent effort are required to manage time well and keep going.

4. What advice would you give to students who would like to apply for this award?

Eveline: Starting early would make a significant impact. I would advise students to plan their study/career path early to know what skills they need to build along the journey to achieve their goals. In this way, you can know which CCA you should join, which internship you should take, and which area you should focus on to achieve good scores, land your dream job, and craft your personal and professional growth. Discover your passion sooner, leverage on your best self, and enjoy as much as possible!

To learn more about the SIM EDGE Award and how it can elevate your academic and professional journey, visit SIM Career Services.