Elaine Chow

I choose Birmingham because all the lecturers are from the UK so we experience the same programme of study as students in England.
Discover SIM GE Elaine searching for global knowledge at SIM's Tay Eng Soon Library Whenever there’s something happening at the SIM GE campus, whether in Block A Atrium or Block B entrance walk way, you can expect to bump into Elaine Chow. You can find her at a stall, giving out apples and goodie bags stuffed with material on time management and coping with stress. Or she would be mentoring a cluster of new students, providing them practical tips on what to do, what to look out for, and how to study smart. Bubbly Elaine, 20, is herself extremely savvy about how to manage time-demanding tasks successfully. In September 2012, she graduated with a Bronze medal with an SIM Diploma in Management Studies (meaning she was third in a cohort of over 400 students), while holding down the CCA post of president of the Young Entrepreneurs Network, organising conferences, being a Student Ambassador, helping to sell ice-cream during the SIM Business Management Competition in mid-year, and conducting an educational tour in Johor Bahru in March 2013. And when you catch up with her the following month at the Wellness Week stall (in Block B, along the entrance walk way), she is busy counselling passer-by students and getting them to fill a stress-test questionnaire that gauges how well they are coping. And then she’s off, flying to Busan in Korea to attend the Asian Student Venture Forum. She’s among 20 students (from SIM GE, SMU, SUTD and NUS) who are presenting the concept of a smart phone app that will sync your calendar so you know where your friends are, what they are doing and how you can meet up. Elaine picks up the Gold Prize in the Busan event “I’m able to prioritise my tasks into study time, CCA time and ad hoc activities. So when it’s study time, I would study, and when it’s CCA, I’m fully into it. With clear time management, you can accomplish any task successfully, and on time!” Elaine says. In July 2013, Elaine began Year 2, BSc (Hons) International Business, at the University of Birmingham (with an SIM DMS credential, students enter directly into the second year at Birmingham). “I choose Birmingham because all the lecturers are from the UK so we experience the same programme of study as students in England,” says Elaine. “We get identical credentials as those awarded in Birmingham, one of the top universities in the world. “Because of its demanding entry criteria, students who are enrolled in Birmingham are of a certain high calibre, a fact recognised by many employers,” she adds with emphasis. “Also, Birmingham’s pass requirement comprises assignments and exams in equal proportions, so there’s more participation, not just solely mugging for exams.” And what are her aspirations after university life? “I want to open a logistics company in Malaysia, doing warehousing.” Elaine won an SIM scholarship for her Birmingham course in August 2014. - Interview on April 2, 2013, updated September 18, 2014 Elaine Chow with one of her "catch", a new student at DMS whom she’s mentoring in 2013 [rev_slider alias="sim-achievers-campaign-2019"]