Edwin Yeo

Anyone who wants to do well in retailing, including small business owners, would benefit from this course.
Discover SIM GE "I WANT to dabble in operations and logistics being very much a hands-on and practical kind of person, I need action in my life," says Edwin Yeo Chin Loong, 25 (picture above). “There isn’t any similar degree programme in Singapore,” says Edwin, who holds a diploma in retail management at Temasek Polytechnic. His studies at Temasek in sourcing, purchasing and entrepreneurship only whetted his appetite to know more about the industry, hence his enrollment at SIM-University of Stirling's BA (Hons) in Retail Marketing. The Stirling programme enables him to obtain a high quality overseas education but without the expense and inconvenience of travelling and living abroad, he says. There are 10 modules, combining general marketing and management studies and retail-specific studies such as Retail Buying, Operations, Location Strategy and Logistics. The final module, says Edwin is a 10,000-word dissertation based on a particular issue in this field. Retailing is a very large and diverse industry, many people have the misconception that it encompasses of certain and limited trade but in fact the boundaries are limitless. One outcome of this programme is that students acquire a comprehensive range of analytical, problem-solving and professional skills, which are increasingly valued not just in the retail industry itself but also in other areas of commerce, education, government and non-profit making organisations. Thus, a degree in Retail Marketing can be the key to pursuing a specialised retail career or a more general management career. Echoing this sentiment, Edwin believes that retail marketing is a valuable skill set, as the retail sector contributes significantly to the nation’s economy, thus there is great importance and practicality. “Anyone who wants to do well in retailing, including small business owners, would benefit from this course,” he adds. An SIM GE scholar himself, Edwin is confident of doing well despite juggling between studies, trainings and work. “Maintaining my results in the Second Upper tier is not an easy feat but that was what I set out to achieve at the start,” he says. Time management and discipline is critical for success coupled with an intrinsic motivation to do well was what sustained his hunger to excel. The induction into the SIM scholarship is a great encouragement and I’m very grateful to SIM for recognising my efforts and believing in my immense potential to impact the future. Playing volleyball Away from studies Edwin is a keen sportsman. He is captain of the SIM Volleyball Team. His interest in the sport began when he was in St Hilda’s Secondary School, known for having one of the best volleyball teams in Singapore. As a result, Edwin received excellent coaching in the game and rose to be team captain. His sporting skills helped secure him a place at Temasek Polytechnic and a scholarship at SIM GE. He joined the SIM Volleyball team in September 2012 and is now its captain. The leadership role came naturally to Edwin. In his final year of poly studies and after National Service he chose to coach and mentor young boys from his secondary school for two years. “My coach mentored and guided me through the sport and I hope I can do the same,” says Edwin. He agrees that the joy in giving back to the community via his coaching, is immense. Volleyball imparts many values such as determination, teamwork, and tough mindedness, he says. “In my years playing the sport, through victory and defeat, it has taught me that the end result may not necessarily be important. What matters most is the process and the effort put in.” Taking charge of the Men’s volleyball team and being the vice president in the volleyball executive committee have enabled me to hone my people management skills and sharpened my administrative responsibilities throughout the course. Looking ahead, Edwin has ambitious expectations. “I want to surpass all expectations and assume a leadership role in the organisation that I’m working in.” Interviewed and posted online October 31, 2013