Darren Chai

Develop your core competencies and always go out and challenge your limits.
Discover SIM GE GETTING out of his comfort zone means working in the day and studying until late evening for Darren Chai, who graduated with a BSc (Hon) in Management from the University of Manchester, with a Second Upper, in 2010. His choice of this academic programme at SIM Global Education was that it offered him the best of both world. “The rigorous yet flexible programme structure allowed me to earn a degree from a world-class university which was also related to my work at the same time.” The modules covered a broad spectrum of management practices in Human Resource, finance, accounting, theories in scientific management and international management, all relevant to Darren’s work “When I enrolled, my goals were simple - to go into the programme with an open mind and come out of the programme with a good appreciation of Management. “Looking back, I think I have achieved more than what I have asked for. Camaraderie was built from the long hours spent together churning out assignments, presentations and studying for exams.” Darren recalled that the lecturers and seminar leaders, both local and overseas, shared real-life experiences and offered interesting perspectives. “They never failed to intrigue and challenge our mindset.” An example of real-life events in management studies was the 2008 financial crisis. “One lecturer got the class to discuss the situation and to identify the cause of the crisis. Through the unfolding events, we learnt the inner workings of the financial world. Sad to say, it is mostly greed-driven and people got lost on the way to making a profit.” Darren found that the SIM Campus had so much to offer. “I think we were spoilt for choice with regards to food, sports and recreation. After graduation I happened to go back a couple of weeks later and was amazed at the new developments. The new passage spaces are very cosy for studying!” Darren’s fond memories included being an SIM GE scholarship recipient. “As scholars, we were given opportunities to participate in many campus-wide activities. Personally, I’ve been a Student Ambassador at Open House events and career fairs. I also attended personal development programmes and was invited to the President’s Young Musician Concert.” As a successful student once, Darren has some study tips and advice to the current students: “Develop your core competencies and always go out and challenge your limits! Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zones because you will never know what opportunities may lies for you along the way.” Darren is currently with Ecolab Pte Ltd as the Account Manager for the Food, Beverage & Industrial division. US-based Ecolab specialises in hygiene solutions such as automatic alcohol hand rub dispensers. --- Published, August 2012