Daniel Ho Sheng

Pick the things you are willing to put 101 percent of time and effort into. After that, prioritise according to the situation.
Discover SIM GE Daniel Ho answering visitors’ enquiry at SIM’s Open House on September 22, 2012. Love what you do, and things will fall into place - that’s the driving principle of Daniel Ho Sheng, a scholarship recipient, sportsman and student and community youth leader. Daniel, an SIM-University at Buffalo (UB), State University of New York, BA (Communication) student, stands tall, with a beaming smile on his face. The 22-year-old began community service during his time at Raffles Junior College, where he joined the Youth Club at Boon Lay. “It was a great platform for me to see the various problems and issues concerning our residents and come up with ways to help them,” he says. “Later, I joined the Boon Lay CC Youth Executive Committee where I was exposed to even more challenges, and learned how grassroots organisations work.” As a member of the Young PAP which he joined in 2010, Daniel has been asked if he would like to get into politics one day. The truth is, politics has never been a priority for him. He simply feels that being a part of the Young PAP is a very good way to serve. Daniel’s first love is hockey, and in school, he made it to the Combined Schools and National Under-18 team. He considers himself fortunate to be under good coaches and good team mates. He still plays hockey at the Singapore Recreation Club, and now also represents SIM in floorball tournaments. “If you love what you do, and do what you love, everything will fall into place,” is his operating principle. “So be clear about the things that you are willing to put 101 percent of time and effort into. After that, prioritise according to the situation. I focus fully on every task, because frankly, people have expectations. If you have signed up for something, you have a responsibility towards the people around you, and the people whom you serve.” On his current position as President of the SIM-UB Student Council, he says, “In my first year of university, I joined the Student Council as a member. The following year, I was elected General Secretary. I took the opportunity to learn how things work in the executive committee. It was a very big step up from being a member. “The relationships I built with the university administrators and staff and developing an understanding of various processes and functions, made me consider running for President. I saw the importance of experience and familiarity with the ground, and therefore, of having a seasoned member of the executive committee step up to lead.” Daniel advises his peers, who have just started their course of study at SIM, to create a strong school identity. "It has to start from somewhere. As students, we need to keep improving ourselves and the quality of our work. Only then can we grow in standing,” he says. “SIM provides us support in many ways but it is really up to us to take the first step to get involved and try. I can say that because I have benefited from SIM and its programmes. I just hope that everyone else can make good use of all the opportunities and get the same breadth and depth of experiences.” Daniel, now in his final year of study, is an SIM GE scholarship recipient, and serves as president of the SIM GE Scholars' Network. The scholarship covers his tuition fees, examination fees and other compulsory fees, as well as a book allowance. There is no bond attached to the scholarship. He is also a recipient of the SIM-UB scholarship, offered twice a year to outstanding UB students to spend a semester of study abroad at UB's home campus in Buffalo, New York. Despite his busy schedule, his grades have been very good. “There’s really no secret to success in your studies,” he says. “Just work hard, and study hard.” The modules in his degree programme include persuasion, mass communication, Public Relations, journalism and political communication, all part of a liberal arts education. And when he graduates in mid-2013, he plans to land a job in the public sector, or perhaps enrol for a postgraduate degree in International Relations. “I’m keeping my options open,” he adds. Daniel winning the SIM Crest award for leadership in December 2012 Update: Daniel is currently enrolled in the MSc in International Relations at the S Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University; he will graduate in August 2014. - Story by Sakshi Jain, 2nd year student, Diploma in Economics, University of London. The story is published in VIBES magazine, July-December 2012. Posted online, December 2012. Updated on September 2013