Chong Ka Yee

I think joining MCSIM is one of the best choices that I’ve made in my university life. As the President of MCSIM, I always aim to create memories not just for myself but for my juniors who are part of this big family.
Discover SIM GE At SIM GE, one of the most exciting aspects of an education is the opportunity for personal growth, teamwork, artistic and cultural expression, social intergraton and peer-leadership that complement the challenging academic life of the institution. Among the many international student clubs on campus is the Malaysian Community in Singapore Institute of Management (MCSIM). The club brings Malaysian students together to bond, organise activities and lend a helping hand to freshmen to settle into campus life quickly. We speak to students from MCSIM club who have enjoyed a vibrant student life as they share their meaningful experiences. Members of the MCSIM club: (from left) Yun Xuan, Leticia, Xie Chean, Michelle and Ka Yee. Name: Leticia Laura Chandra Mohan University/Programme: SIM GE, Management Foundation Studies “MCSIM has given me a great experience. Being involved in additional activities apart from my studies has helped me to be more energetic. The activities held by MCSIM has also encouraged me to be more active in school. I have learned to be more interactive and I'm able to work better in a team. I have developed new skills and the activities also helped me to understand my friends better and strengthen the bond between us. “I used to have difficulties in approaching friends who I did not know so well. Through the activities at MCSIM, it has given me the courage to initiate conversations with people and increase my confidence level.” Name: Michelle Chiew University/Programme: SIM GE, Management Foundation Studies “I decided to join MCSIM after one of the events known as ‘Back to School’. During this event, I witnessed how close the members of MCSIM were and how united they were. This made me join the club and I felt welcomed and loved by the MCSIM family. As an international student, it makes me feel like I have a home away from home and I have gotten to know more friends from the same country and from diverse background through the club.” “It has been a really great experience to spend time with the members of MCSIM. I had lots of fun in our lion dance practice and I got to learn new skills through the practices. I also had a great time working with the marketing department. Even though there were difficulties that we encountered, we managed to work together to solve the problem. This had strengthened our ‘family bond ‘in the marketing department. Although my involvement in activities may sometimes clash with my studying schedule, I know they are in not in vain as I have learned to develop my people skills and sharpen my life skills.” Name: Woon Yun Xuan University/Programme: University of London, BSc (Honours) in Accounting And Finance “MCSIM has been like a home for me since I stepped into SIM and the care and love that members have demonstrated towards each other has motivated me to join MCSIM as an Exco member. As the event director, I have learned a lot and MCSIM has become like a second family to me. “SIM and MCSIM have changed my life and have taught me the importance of leadership skills, teamwork, the ability to adapt to change as well as showing trust and respect towards each other. My time here has provided me with many real life experiences that I can enjoy before I embark on my career.” Name: Seow Xie Chean University/Programme: SIM GE, Diploma in Management Studies “It has been a good experience being together with a group of like-minded people who have grown up in the same culture. MCSIM always reminds me of home. One of the memorable things for me was being taken care by the club advisor and others when I felt sick during the process of conducting an event and this is why MCSIM is indeed like a family.” Name: Chong Ka Yee University/Programme: University of Birmingham, BSc (Honours) Business Management ( Top-up) “One of my biggest fears of studying overseas is the homesickness that will strike out of a sudden in the middle of the night. During my orientation, there were a few student leaders who approached me and my friend who is a Malaysian. They invited us to join their upcoming events. I was quite afraid of joining social events like this but I chose to give it a try. Surprisingly, during the event I got to know a lot of friends and I'm glad that I finally found a place that made me feel like I'm home. I think joining MCSIM is one of the best choices that I’ve made in my university life. As the President of MCSIM, I always aim to create memories not just for myself but for my juniors who are part of this big family.” Posted online, 27 September 2017