Chong Chong Yin

This Healthcare Leadership programme equips me with fundamental contexts of current international leading health systems and policies; health economics and its impact on current leaders’ decision-making processes.
Discover SIM GE The SIM-University of Manchester (UOM) MSc International Healthcare Leadership programme is empowering healthcare leaders to raise the bar on healthcare services through new learning approaches and technologies. Healthcare professionals share how the programme equips them to thrive in their respective fields of work.   Stepping Up To The Challenge “The reason for choosing SIM GE to attain my higher education is due to its well-established reputation. SIM was also the first private university recognised locally in grooming the future leaders. “ “Learning is a continuous lifelong journey and I have a strong inclination to develop myself to make contribution to our local healthcare sector. The programme’s curriculum inspired me to undertake the challenges to equip myself with an in-depth knowledge of leadership and management skills, and to further enhance my confidence in administrative and clinical management in our contemporarily complex healthcare system.” Sharpening Her Leadership Skills “This Healthcare Leadership programme equips me with fundamental contexts of current international leading health systems and policies; health economics and its impact on current leaders’ decision-making processes. It also helps in my understanding of organisational behaviours and its impact on strategic thinking application and aids in broadening my horizon and perspective on leadership through learning from various professionals in other healthcare workforces. Most importantly, it helps me to acquire in- depth knowledge and techniques on application of the ‘soft’ side of leadership.” Chong Chong Yin Nurse Clinician at Tan Tock Seng Hospital Embarking On The Programme “I decided to take up the programme as the modules were of relevance for me and I wanted to learn about health economics at an introductory level.” Putting Patients First “Although I am not in direct contact with the patients, the policies that I create have direct impact on patients that we serve. The structure of the SIM-UOM programme is geared towards putting patients at the heart of our decisions. This is something that I’m constantly mindful of and I believe it is needed most in my line of work.” Agnes Su Huey Chan Quality Management Specialist at Janssen, Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson. Delivering Quality Healthcare “I chose to do the MSc in International Healthcare Leadership to broaden my views and understand the complex and intriguing matters of healthcare administration and leadership. Having these skills and knowledge helps me appreciate the challenges and intricacies of delivering healthcare to meet national and international needs so that we can be better healthcare administrators, leaders and policy makers.” A Broader Perspective “Being a doctor, we are so heavily occupied with helping our patients and their families that sometimes, we fail to appreciate the bigger and more complex picture of healthcare and what happens behind the scenes. For example, there are so many allied healthcare staff and ancillary support services that work synchronously and harmoniously to deliver the final healthcare outcomes. Being in this course has helped me appreciate this bigger picture, while increasing my awareness of the complexities and challenges in meeting the needs of various healthcare stakeholders.” Dr Ramasamy Chockalingam Jnr Medical Officer at Ministry of Health Striving To Make A Difference “I chose to pursue MSc International Healthcare Leadership programme at SIM GE because I wanted to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to better understand the healthcare system from an international perspective as a healthcare professional. I also want to bring about change that results in a better healthcare system for Singapore. There is a need for improvements in the local healthcare system so that better quality of care can be provided for our patients and the healthcare workers will also feel more motivated and empowered in carrying out their day-to-day tasks in a healthcare setting.” Leading With Confidence “The Healthcare Leadership programme has equipped me with the knowledge to be an effective healthcare leader in the healthcare industry. It has given me a bird's eye view of the healthcare system from an international perspective. It has also helped me to grow into a more confident individual that is able to make a change and improve the current healthcare system through the knowledge and skills that I have gained from this programme.” Ronnie Poh Staff Nurse Posted online, 08 November 2017