Chan Chung Kwan

The secret of academic success is time management.
Discover SIM GE He was a junior college dropout, but he renewed his education pursuit and became a Gold Award winner in his Diploma in Management Studies at the Singapore Institute of Management. According to Chan Chung Kwan, 22 (picture above), now a student at SIM-University of London programme, the golden secret of his path to academic success was time management. Through prioritising, he managed to strike balance between studies, sports and social activities, Chung Kwan says. Learning from his JC days, he says that to achieve good grades, the savvy student must, within the very week, revise his lessons and resolve all doubts from attending lectures. To procrastinate is as good as to fail! On his Diploma in Management Studies, he notes that the diploma offered him a fresh start in education. The 15 modules in the course widens his field of interest, and by the time he completed his course, he knew what subjects he wanted to pursue further at the Bachelor level. His choice was the University of London’s BSc (Hons) in Banking and Finance, conducted at the SIM Global Education campus at Clementi Road. Chung Kwan’s new challenge is doing assignments with other students in his study group. Working in a group is never easy, and to overcome this, he learnt to establish rapport with the members of his group so that they can brainstorm ideas and get things done faster. Being an active, sports guy, Chung Kwan enjoys physically challenging activities. He joined SIM’s Canoeing team and has a swell time that includes the Canoeing Orientation Camp in 2011, followed by a Martial Arts Camp earlier this year. “Both camps were fun and memorable and I was able to bond with fellow school mates and participate in team games and activities that promote the importance of team work,” he says. The Diploma in Management Studies is 15-month full-time programme covering 15 modules across 5 semesters. Modules cover the full range of management subjects from Business English to Marketing, Accounting, Business Law and Economics.