Cassandra Stephanie

Determination has kept me afloat and helped me achieve many victories
News & Events News & Events News & Events Highlights At a very young age, Cassandra developed an interest in accounting while helping her parents in their family business. This same passion has driven her to go from strength to strength. Having excelled at her diploma and degree accounting programmes in SIM GE, she hopes to eventually establish a business someday after completing her masters. Fill in the blank with an adjective that describes yourself best:  I am determined. Please do elaborate on why you chose the adjective above. I used to live a sheltered life with my parents in Indonesia. However, when I moved to Singapore on my own, I felt helpless at times and faced a lot of pressure. Determination has kept me afloat as I did not want to disappoint my parents. This determination has helped me achieve many victories such as being awarded a scholarship in secondary school and receiving the Mapletree Gold Award[1] in SIM. I also held leadership positions in and outside of SIM. Why did you choose SIM GE to pursue your studies? I chose SIM because it is one of the leading private institutions in Singapore that is able to give me time to explore my passions and interests outside of the classroom.  What sparked your passion for accounting? I started being involved in accounting as early as the age of 12 as I would often help my parents out in their business. At first, I felt that it would be boring, but I started to pick things up quickly and gave them new ideas such as developing an internal control system. I found that there was more than just debiting and crediting to accounts and there were also things like analysing financial statements for better decision-making. Tell us more about your student life in SIM GE and the student activities that you’ve been involved in. I joined many events particularly the ones organised by the Indonesian Community Club (inSIM). One of the most memorable experiences for me was when I was selected as the main cast and singer for the annual musical drama ‘Wahea’. It was an experience that will always remain etched in my heart because of the fun and hard work we put in during practice sessions. Despite my hectic schedule, I was still able to maintain a perfect GPA for that semester. It really taught me how to stretch myself to realise my maximum potential. You were awarded the Mapletree Gold Award upon graduating from your Diploma in Accounting course. What does this achievement mean to you? I felt very honoured to be able to attain the Gold Award. It’s great to know that your school acknowledges your achievements and rewards you for the hard work that you have put in. It really means a lot to me. I remember receiving the award on my graduation day and seeing the proud smiles on my parents’ faces. Why did you choose to study the degree programme at SIM-University of Birmingham? I chose SIM-University of Birmingham because of the reputation that it has. I also love that the programme has a holistic approach towards different modules and doesn’t just focus on examinations alone. The teaching is similar to what is being taught in the UK and I love how the lecturers have helped me think outside the box. Although lessons were quite packed, I was able to further grow in my knowledge and critical thinking. How have the programmes that you studied at SIM, equipped you for the master’s programme that you are currently undertaking? I am currently pursuing an MSc in Accounting (Data Analytics) at Singapore Management University and I am well-equipped for my master’s programme as I have greatly benefitted from the accounting modules that I took up in SIM and often refer to them. I recently scored full marks in a test! What do you hope to achieve after completing your masters? With the strong impact that technology can have, it is crucial for me to be able to adapt to technological advancements in the market. Hence, I hope to bridge the gap between the accounting and technology sector to further improve business decisions and society in the future.   [1] The Mapletree Gold Award was presented to graduates of SIM diploma programmes in recognition of academic excellence in fields relevant to Mapletree’s business. #IChoseTheSIMPathway #ThisIsMyStory #GlobalHero Click here to learn more about the programmes awarded by the University of Birmingham. Posted online, 13 Nov 2019