Abdul Aziz

SIM GE was engaging, enriching and enlightening. Last but not least, it was a very enjoyable experience.
Discover SIM GE Working his way to the top Aziz has always believed in the importance of acquiring basic skills, no matter how high up you are on the corporate ladder. In fact, he credits having the right fundamentals for his success. His passion for learning allowed him to develop both personally and professionally as he built himself from the ground up all the way to the role of Chief Executive. Aziz, now an active contributor to the SIM GE Alumni Mentorship Programme, tells us how SIM GE fanned his flame for learning and prepared him to be Global Ready. On why he chose to study at SIM GE “SIM GE has an established history of grooming successful global leaders who have made a real difference to the world. I felt that that would give me the edge to thrive in any work environment.” “SIM GE helped me understand the world better to stay on top of an increasingly globalised workplace. Lecturers assigned to us were experienced industry people, committed to sharing real-world insights and examples to help us grow. The open forum for discussion they facilitated allowed students like us to exchange our own real life experiences too.” On his globalised learning experience Many of Aziz’s classmates came from all over the globe. Engaging with them taught him to develop a better understanding of the challenges of doing business in a global arena. “When I want to expand to a certain country, I have a relatively good feel if it is worthwhile going into.” On what it means to be Global Ready “It’s about having both the knowledge and the soft skills. The way you communicate, present your ideas, network and engage with clients from anywhere in the world are all important. You need to understand the different ways people do their business globally. And then adapt the way you do your business with them.” For more on Aziz, read here. Learn more about the programmes available at SIM Global Education. View other alumni features.