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Why SIM 

1.Because we nurture lifelong achievers

At SIM, learning does not stop when you enter the workforce or get busy with life’s other milestones. Whether you are 17 or 70, or whether you join us as a student, member or work professional, we are committed to help you turn your lifelong learning aspirations into reality. Supporting our mission of providing quality education and continuing learning, our holistic and tailored pathways to nurturing lifelong achievers include academic programmes, professional development courses and membership activities and networking sessions. Our vision is to mould well-rounded graduates of character and competence, equip professionals for leadership in tomorrow’s business arena, and build networks for mutually beneficial partnerships in the global world.

2.Because we do not compromise on education quality

Our integrity and reputation as a bona fide tertiary education and training solutions provider rests on our relentless pursuit of quality curriculum and service excellence. Our programmes and activities are carefully tailored to suit the different needs and aspirations of our students, members and adult learners. Our proactive alliance with academia and industry professionals allows us to tap into their pool of experience and expertise to inject industry-relevant vibrancy to our curriculum. Our academic offerings are constantly reviewed by internal and external academic governance panels. SIM Global Education and SIM University have met guidelines set by Singapore’s Committee for Private Education through the Enhanced Registration Framework. SIM Global Education was amongst the first private educational institution to attain the EduTrust certification for institutions of reputable quality.

3.Because we believe in strict corporate governance

As a not-for-profit organisation under the purview of the Charities Act, we are governed by rigorous and transparent corporate guidelines  and practices that are consistent with the law. We also frequently conduct internal and external audits to ensure that checks and balances to our systems are in place. At the top, the overall governance of the SIM Group is assumed by an independent Governing Council. Individually, SIM University and Singapore Institute of Management Pte Ltd are governed by a Board of Trustees and Board of Directors respectively.

4.Because we have inspired many for the past five decades

For over 50 years, we have made it our mission to nurture talent, inspire lives and realise dreams. To date, over 159,500 local and international students from SIM University and SIM Global Education have benefited from our wide range of educational programmes and services. Also, every year, over 13,000 working professionals sharpen their skills and upgrade their knowledge with industry-relevant courses organised by SIM Professional Development.

5.Because we have the power of networks you can harness

We have a diverse membership mix of close to 41,000 individual and corporate members, as well as a big student body and alumni groups. Networking opportunities through membership, student and alumni activities abound, allowing you to tap into and share the rich pool of invaluable expertise, insights and experiences, and build networks for mutually beneficial partnerships in the global world.

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