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Diverse Learning Environment
A kaleidoscope of learners, faculty and programmes across countries and cultures, SIM offers all who walk through its door a truly diverse and unique experience.
Industry Recognised Qualifications
Partnering industry leaders to develop curricula, train students and define certification standards, SIM focuses on relevancy and global views in today's interconnected world.
Comprehensive Campus Facilities
With the campus as the Third Teacher, SIM’s fully-wired infrastructure empowers learners through its well-equipped learning, networking and recreational facilities.
High Academic Standards
With a strong reputation as the leading private tertiary institution in Singapore, SIM’s high academic standards hinge on a rigorous quality assurance framework and continuous enhancement.
Nexus for Networking and Sharing
Tap into the rich resource pools offered by SIM’s membership, student bodies as well as alumni and stay connected with the latest industry trends and practices.
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  • About Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)

    The Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) is a leading provider of higher education and professional training in Singapore. Its extensive range of membership programmes, activities and resources provide an important nexus for SIM students and members to network and learn.

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