Our Solutions and Approach

SIM specialises in creating bespoke capability building solutions and innovative learning experience to help organisations achieve strategic business goals.

Our Solutions

Work-Study Solutions

We help organisations develop talents and offer career pathways for new graduates through meticulously designed learning journeys, combining both innovative classroom learning and on-the-job training.

In collaboration with M1 Asia Pac, we launched the Youth Academy Work-Study-Train programme. It is specifically tailored for diploma holders looking to further hone their skills in the ICT sector while pursuing their undergraduate studies.

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Career Transition Solutions

We deliver career transition programmes in collaboration with the public and private sector to help mid-career professionals land a new role in high-growth industries.

As part of the SGUnited Skills programme, we launched a series of industry-relevant courses to help mid-career professionals land a new role in the advanced manufacturing and logistics sectors through skills training and job matching.


Capability Build @ Scale Solutions

We help organisations develop new capabilities at scale to achieve specific business outcomes. Designed with an integrated approach, we ensure that our L&D programme addressed the learning needs of multiple levels within an organisation.

In a recent project, we worked with a government agency to co-create and develop an agile transformation programme to inculcate agile business improvement skills, mindsets, and behaviours into its future workforce. Over a two-year period, the programme aims to train some 2,200 learners. They will undergo a combination of self-directed learning, workshops, and capstone projects to gain both knowledge and fluency in agile thinking.


Role-based Academy

We provide role-based solutions to help organisations develop requisite talents and equip them with functional skills and the capabilities to manage complexities.


Industry-led Transformation Programmes

We collaborate with industry to deliver enterprise-led industry transformation programmes, tackling the most critical skills gaps and improving the ecosystem through industry-relevant reskilling and upskilling programmes.


Trisector Systems Leadership Programme

Through SIM’s Centre for Systems Leadership (CSL), we help the public, private, and social sectors develop systems leaders – individuals who can catalyse, influence, and drive systemic change by mobilising diverse stakeholders to achieve business success.

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Our Approach to Organisational Learning


Developing Human Capital Based on the 3Cs

Talent with work-ready attributes is essential for business performance, but they must be deployed into roles in a requisite structure to achieve organisation outcomes.

We believe that organisations must holistically address their talent needs along the three dimensions of industry functional and digital skills, horizontal cognitive agility skills, and capabilities for managing complexity.

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