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Corporate Social Responsibility 

Scholarships and Study Awards

At SIM, we strongly believe that no one should be denied an education. SIM started giving out scholarships in 2001. SIM University offers scholarship places to students who achieve strong academic results, while SIM Global Education offers scholarships in three categories: academic excellence, sporting and artistic excellence - the latter two given in support of SIM Global Education's belief in the all-rounded development of our students.

In 2010, SIM launched the SIM-Richard K M Eu and SIM-You Poh Seng Scholarships. These two scholarships, each worth $100,000 and offered bond-free, were launched to honour the significant contributions made by the two pioneers to SIM in its formative years, and to management development and education in Singapore.  

In 2015, SIM as a Group, gave out close to $500,000 worth of scholarships.

The Arts

SIM's involvement in the arts expresses our philosophy of creating meaningful and holistic lifelong learning experiences for its members and the public, while contributing to the development of society as an active and responsible corporate citizen.

Since 2001, SIM has been sponsoring the Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO) President’s Young Performers Concert series. This annual SSO concert showcases the best of Singapore’s young musical talents. For its support, SIM was conferred the Patron of the Arts award in 2001 by the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts. To this day, SIM continues to contribute to the arts scene through this platform.

Service Learning for Students

As part of SIM’s holistic education philosophy, we encourage students to learn and develop through service.

Besides working with community partners such as voluntary welfare organisations to reach out to the less privileged, our students go beyond the traditional forms of volunteering to conceptualise and put in place sustainable solutions for the community.

At SIM, our aim is to produce not just smart graduates, but also graduates who are socially conscious and committed to making a positive impact on society.

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