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Course Overview

The seminar is designed for anyone who has to make a business presentation internally or externally, up or down the corporate ladder within or across different cultures. It is a highly interactive, hands-on and learner-centered programme that covers the three key components of Approach, Preparation and Delivery. It allows the participants to break through the many misconceptions concerning presentations and frees them to develop into focused communicators able to communicate their message to any particular target audience in a direct, clear and approachable manner.  Through guided feedback the participants will gain greater awareness of their strengths and be able to develop them further, thus increasing their effectiveness and professionalism.

All practical components are video recorded and played back for group, trainer and self-feedback, allowing participants to gain increased awareness of their individual styles and strengths.

Course benefits

Business Outcomes

Any increase in skill level will bemanifested in greater effectiveness and clarity thus allowing the message to bedelivered in the appropriate manner and received accordingly. An effectivepresentation means greater understanding and thus facilitates a bigger buy in.

Learning Outcomes

The participants will have increased their confidence by greater self-awareness, greater knowledge of the needs and requirements of modern presentations, will be able to enhance their “performance” by drawing on their individual skill sets, they will feel comfortable in the knowledge that their preparation is solid and focused and designed specifically for the target audience. An increase in audience awareness will help them tailor their presentations to particular target audiences which will thus greatly enhance audience receptivity. More importantly, they will be Objective-based presenters rather than merely Task-based.

Course outline

  • Misconceptions and Perceptions
  • Understanding the Communication Process
  • The Pre-Preparation Stage
  • Know Your Target Audience
  • The Preparation Process 
  • Persuade and Convince 
  • Deliver with Confidence and Clarity 
  • Visual Impact
  • Non-Verbal Behavior and Communication
  • Cross Cultural Communication

As part of the training and learning during the course, photography and/or video-recording of participants in action will be done.


3 days

Who should attend?

(Level 2) Supervisors, Executive, & Emerging Managers     
(Level 3) New Managers     
(Level 4) Managers

Programme leader

As a Partner/Consultant with D.A.C.C, David Artlett has conducted numerous Communication Skills seminars and has acted as a consultant and trainer for Business Presentations, Delivery Skills and Cross-Cultural Communications for a wide range of clients for both groups and individuals.

His work has involved working with a wide range of disciplines from Airlines to Start Ups, the Financial sector to Engineering, Advertising to Education, Shipping to Petro Chemicals and the Media and Government bodies.

David’s background and experience in the psychology of communication allows him to be a dynamic and empathetic trainer operating across a wide range of cultures both national and corporate and designation and gender.

He believes strongly that training of this nature is not only to impart the necessary skills but to enable the participants to develop their own individual abilities and strengths, in order to realize and maximize their individual potential.

David has also worked extensively in the media as a Consultant/ Dialogue Director and writer of speeches and Corporate and Training videos.

Course fee

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