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Course Overview

This workshop introduces participants to De Bono’s key concepts about the nature of creativity. Creativity is not a mystical talent that some are born with but a skill that anyone can acquire by learning this set of easy-to-learn and easy-to-use tools and techniques. With practice, you will be able to generate ideas and perceptions more easily. The participant will learn a structured systematic approach which will help the user to ‘think outside the box’ and go beyond the limitations of brainstorming. It is the toolkit for anyone who wants to be the trailblazer in tomorrow’s world.

Course benefits


Participants can expect to improve their competitive quotient by proactively increasing their creative momentum becoming leaders rather than mere imitators. Fresh innovative ideas, concepts and approaches will improve public and market perception of their product and service offerings. The innovative thrust which follows can only result in improving their market share. A more vibrant workforce can be expected because of the sense of involvement and achievement resulting from the ability to take the lead in creative thinking and innovation approaches. 


  • Clearly identify the issues at stake through the use of a simple perception framework to create a relevant landscape as a realistic reference point 
  • Use specific Lateral Thinking tools to easily identify new targets for improvement
  • Learn in-depth applications of the powerful RANDOM INPUT TECHNIQUE to generate alternative creative insights and innovative applications
  • Learn the PROVOCATIVE techniques of Lateral Thinking to surmount the obstacles to creative thinking posed by logic and experience
  • Learn to HARVEST creative thinking output by sequencing them to create a FAN CONCEPT strategy

Course outline

  • Why ‘Lateral Thinking’ is necessary to achieve ‘out of box’ thinking
  • How to arrive at fresh ALTERNATIVE DEFINITIONS of a challenge situation
  • How to use the CHALLENGE framework to identify new targets for creative thinking
  • How to use the RANDOM ENTRY technique to generate creative insights
  • How to move from a single idea to a CONCEPTUAL DEFINITION
  • How to construct a STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK for successful implementation
  • What is a PROVOCATION? How to create PROVOCATIONS as a starting point to achieve creative perceptions
  • How to Harvest and Treat the output of a creative session
  • Presentation and Feedback
  • Q & A and Summary

Please note that photographs may be taken for seminar records.


2 days

Who should attend?

Level 3: New Managers (3 years or less)
Level 4: Managers (4-7 years)
Level 5: Senior Managers & Directors (Above 7 years)

Programme leader

Sir Dr Peter Low is a director of his own consultancy firm. He has more than 25 years of experience to major corporations, organizations and government agencies throughout ASEAN, Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Australia, and Dublin. 

Both he and Mrs Linda Low were among the first 12 persons in the world to be personally trained by Dr. de Bono. On account of their phenomenal success with more than 3000 seminars / workshops to their credit, they were appointed Lifetime Certified Master Trainers in 2002 and have been acknowledged by him as his “best trainers internationally”. Only 4 persons in the De Bono International Network of more than 2000 certified instructors were awarded this accreditation. Both Peter and Linda have been conducting Public Seminars under the auspices of the Singapore Institute of Management and the Hong Kong Management Association since 1992. 

Noted for his wit and vast experience, Peter is also recognized for his contributions in the field of Music, and music at the service of international relations and philanthropy. A Singapore Government Scholar at the Royal Academy of Music, his public contributions earned him Knighthoods from the Vatican and from the Republic of Italy as well as the highest Youth Accolade from the Republic of Singapore.

Ms Daphne Lim is a Certified Instructor, trained by Master Trainers Dr Peter Low and Mrs Linda Low. Daphne’s lively and effective training style consistently receives excellent feedback, especially on her depth of knowledge, her clarity in presentation and the enjoyable way in which she conducts her workshops. Clients regularly seek follow-up sessions to her courses. 

Her training experience spans across diverse sectors including banking and finance, communications and media, information technology, electronics, education, transport and logistics and government agencies. 

Daphne holds a Master’s Degree from Oxford University where she read Philosophy, Politics and Economics, and a Post-Graduation Diploma in Education (Distinction). Her study at Oxford University was sponsored through a scholarship for outstanding individuals awarded by the Singapore Economic Development Board. She was also a recipient of the Public Service Commission Humanities Scholarship.

Mrs Linda Low has been key to the popularity of the guru’s thinking techniques for more than 28 years. 

Linda has been invited to deliver presentations to business chiefs at international conferences in Chicago, Florida, Dublin, Malta, Japan, Sri Lanka, Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia and Thailand. A dynamic personality, she has also been featured on business programs on European and Asian television networks. 

Linda was significantly involved in the Singapore Education Ministry’s launch of Edward de Bono’s CoRT thinking program in 1987. Together with Peter she ran a highly successful De Bono for Students Programme reaching out to more than 30,000 students from 6 to 16. 

She holds a Master’s Degree in Lifelong Learning from the University of London and is also a certified Practising Management Consultant.

Mr Stephen Ho is a dynamic and impactful speaker. He has extensive experience in the fields of public speaking, training and organisational development as well as managing large-scale international business operations for over 20 years. 

His other areas of expertise include business process re-engineering, change management, coaching and high-performance teaming, investment and deal structuring, sales and marketing, leadership development, cross-cultural management and negotiation. 

Stephen is proficient in English, Chinese and Cantonese. His extensive training, speaking and consulting engagements took him across South East Asian countries, China, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Participants of his programmes ranged from armed forces personnel, to senior business executives and government officials. 

He has been involved with the de Bono thinking system since 2001, when he spearheaded the effort to boost its use across numerous government statutory boards and ministries in Singapore. 

Stephen’s extensive international corporate experiences makes him particularly effective in training the application of the de Bono thinking methods in real-world situations. He enhances participants’ capability in Team Thinking and sharpens their overall problem-solving and decision-making capabilities in alignment with the organisation’s needs and objectives. 

Stephen holds a MBA (High Honours) from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, a Master and Honours Degree in Electrical Engineering from the National University of Singapore and a Master of Arts (Contemporary China) from the Nanyang Technological University. He has received numerous scholarships and awards for academic and research excellence.

Course fee

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