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Design Thinking



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Course Overview

Companies are keen to engage in innovation, but only a handful actually create extraordinary results. How can an organisation break out of its mould and think creatively? 

How can we use design thinking to generate ideas for transforming customers’ experience? 

This programme offers an application focused approach in helping you to create strategies that work. You will experience learning through real life case study and arrive at new possibilities or solutions because learning happens best when it is real.

Course benefits

Business Outcome

Participants will learn a rigorous framework for innovation and strategy creation including tools for Design Thinking phases of empathy, define, ideation, prototype and testing. Ultimately, the participants will be able to deliver breakthrough results that benefits for their organisation.

Learning Outcome

  • Understand the concept of Design Thinking
  • Introduce the principles of Design Thinking and Creativity
  • Apply Design Thinking methodology & tools to create the desired outcomes

Course outline

  • Concepts and principles of innovation and strategy creation
  • Mindset of Design Thinkers
  • A framework for systematic approach 
  • Introduction to Design Thinking tools: 
    • Persona Profile
    • Customer Journey Map
    • Goals and Pains
    • Why-How Pyramid
    • Value Proposition 
    • Brainstorming tool
    • Heuristic ideation Techniques
    • Decision Matrix
    • Type of Prototype
    • Persevere or Pivot
  • Hands-on practice at innovation and strategy creation


2 days

Who should attend?

(Level 3) New Managers

(Level 4) Managers

(Level 5) Senior Managers & Directors

Programme leader

TAN Hong Wee, who has had 26 years’ experience as a leader in the Singapore Armed Forces. Leveraging on his vast experience as an operational leader, he was subsequently appointed to the SAF Centre for Leadership Development, where he was the administrator of the keystone Leadership and Organisational Programme – in that sense, Hong Wee combines real ground experience with the ability to teach and inspire.

Since leaving civil service in 2013, Hong Wee has been actively engaged in Leadership Development and Consultancy for a wide spectrum of organisations in both public and private sectors. Through his consultancy, Hong Wee has amassed real-life applications and examples of leadership in context. These come to life in both his programmes as well as his two books: ‘Leader As Coach, Leader As Facilitator’and ‘Be Smarter Than Your Problem – The Art of Systems Thinking’. Hong Wee holds 2 Master’s Degree: University of Cambridge (Mathematics) and Naval Postgraduate School (Systems Engineering).

Course fee

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Programme Executive In Charge : Grace Tan

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