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24-08-2023 to 25-08-2023

02-11-2023 to 03-11-2023



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Course Overview

Business activities are the backbone of economic and social activities. However, to ensure protection of one’s rights and finances, contracts are an absolute necessity to enforce rights and recover monies. In the course of doing business, a deal can be made or broken if there is a delay in drawing up a contract. Delays may be due to misunderstandings or merely being uninformed or unaware. This course will demystify and give simple explanations to what a contract is, its elements and essentials, protect business interests, manage risks and liabilities, how to speed up the contract process so that work can be done effectively and efficiently, remedying breaches and options, and enforcing contracts. 

This 2-day course is unique in engaging in extensive discussions with participants, and envisages exploring real life situations by drawing out from real experiences

Course benefits

• Understand what a contract is, its various types, and content 

• Assess potential and existing breaches of contract as well as remedies

• Understand the various parts of a contract, know its meaning, implication and consequences to business

• Distinguish between various concepts in a contract with relation to business 

• Protect business interests and manage risks and liabilities 

• Understand how to protect business before, during, and after signing a contract 

Course outline

- Contracts and the effect of other laws

- Contract – meaning and forms

- Types of contracts and explanation

- Contract, Agreement, Deed difference

- Contract lifecycle flow

- Elements of a contract

- Real life scenarios and participant experience

- Anatomy of a contract and individual explanations

- Legal terminology simplified

- Breach of contract and remedies

- Tips and Tricks

- Business negotiations for contracts


2 days

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Who should attend?

Level 3 - New Managers
Level 4 - Managers
Level 5 - Senior Managers & Directors
Level 6 - C-Suite

Programme leader

Yang Yen Thaw is a certified AI consultant, corporate lawyer, registered management consultant (RMC), an AAE (Associate Adult Educator), ACLP+ACTA certified adult trainer, and CIPM + PC:PDP(S) certified practitioner (data protection). He has held senior management and executive positions in management and law in listed as well as private limited companies with businesses spanning Australia, China, France, India, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, UK, USA, and most Southeast Asian countries. He represents companies as Chief Legal Officer, Chief PDPA Consultant, DPO, and management consultant and has also run his own law firm for 12 years.

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Programme Executive In Charge : Patricia Lee

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