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07-12-2022 to 09-12-2022



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Member Total Fee : $770.40
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Course Overview

It is important for employees to enunciate spoken words confidently and clearly when communicating. Correct pronunciation, clear speech and a good speaking voice are factors which contribute to employees positive corporate image and positive self-esteem.

Course benefits

The theoretical aspects of this seminar will be clearly explained and demonstrated. Participants speech sounds and spoken English will be analysed by the programme leader. Suggestions and feedback will be given during the programme to improve your production of speech sounds and spoken communication skills.

Course outline

  • Speaking Standard English (BBC) or RP Model vs American Model) using an English Pronouncing Dictionary 
  • How to Always Say it Right, Read it Right and Pronounce it Right during Presentations and Speeches 
  • Avoiding Everyday Speech Problems in Pronunciation: Phonics and Phonetics 
  • How to Use a Dictionary to Pronounce English Words Correctly 
  • Standard Speech Sounds and Voice Production and Causes of Indistinct Speech 
  • British / BBC and American Standard Pronunciation (using International Phonetic Alphabet) and Transcriptions 
  • The 24 Consonant Sounds of Standard Spoken English and Phonetic Alphabet 
  • The 20 Vowel Sounds of Standard Spoken English and Phonetic Alphabet 
  • How Speech Organs Work in Spoken English and Speech / Vocal Exercises 
  • Practical Reading / Speaking Exercises and Transcriptions for Clear Speech and Voice Improvement 
  • Achieving Confidence, Fluency and Greater Intelligibility when Speaking One to One or Making Presentation to Groups 
  • Practical Exercises and Coaching given to Improve Diction, Articulation and Phonemic Transcriptions 


3 days

Course runs

Date Time Venue Registration Closing Date Register
07-12-2022 to
09.00 - 17.00 SIM Management House, 41 Namly Avenue, Singapore 267616 21-11-2022

Who should attend?

(Level 1) Admin & Support

(Level 2) Supervisor, Executive, & Emerging Managers

(Level 3) New Managers

Programme leader

Tan Teck Huat (TH) Gold Medalist (Public Speaking) LAM - has been a course leader in management development programmes for the Singapore Institute of Management since 1976.

He was appointed Honorary Adviser (5 years) to the National Community Leadership Institute from 1995 to 2000 by the Deputy Chairman of the Peoples Association (Singapore).

To date, more than 20,000 participants had attended his 2,000 public seminars and talks as well as his in-company programmes on human relations, presentation skills, phonetics and voice training held in Singapore and the ASEAN region. He is also the author of two Pronunciation Books: (1) Better Spoken English: Phonics, Phonetics and Voice Training; and (2) Phonics and Phonetics for Parents, Tutors and Teachers. He was also the Founder President of SIM Toastmasters in 1984/5.

Course fee

Programme Fee Amount (including 7% GST) Remarks
Member Total Fee $770.40 -
Non-Member Total Fee $963.00 -
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