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Course Overview

Seasoned negotiators constantly seek to build an arena of exploration and discovery before advancing the dialogue to enlarge the pie of possible outcomes. Creating viable options that are appealing to both parties though logical requires a patience process of consultative dialogue. Learn the tips to overcome common tactics with street smart countermeasures and prepare the process of negotiation strategically so that the atmosphere stays neutral and amicable. Identify how concessions when administered well can move any deadlock forward. While tricks and tactics are commonly used by parties, the ultimate intent to achieve a resolution that is principled and mutually acceptable to both sides.

Course benefits

Participants will learn to be intentional in their thinking approach and structured in seeking dialogue to achieve better decisions and options during any negotiation process. Through leveraging a conversation tactfully and balancing between pitching and probing, trust can be established especially when negotiating in unfavorable conditions. This minimizes errors in giving in or giving up too rapid and increases the probability of a generating a mutually acceptable outcome for all parties.

  • Understand key factors in the preparation dialogue of a negotiation goal
  • Identify critical phases in a negotiation journey before bargaining 
  • Address challenging and unreasonable behaviors or tactics
  • Diplomatically use probing skills to uncover hidden agendas
  • Anticipate possible outcomes and respond appropriately
  • Identify conflict techniques to strengthen decision making options

Course outline

  • Reviewing the Harvard 7 Element model
  • Introducing the LOUDEST© negotiation engagement model
  • Applying the reframing and qualifying response with a NO response
  • Establishing options and interests between parties and understanding perspectives
  • Influencing techniques to change views
  • Proposals and persuasion skills in negotiation
  • Dynamics when negotiating in teams
  • Conflict and how to handle it
  • Identifying and presenting the options for exchange
  • Learning the exchange process
  • Completing the negotiation


2 days

Course runs

Who should attend?

(Level 4) Managers
(Level 5) Senior Managers & Directors

Programme leader

Regina Chua is a corporate client engagement consultant with extensive experience in the regional marketing and business development in Asia Pacific primarily in Singapore, China and India. After a successful 15-year career with Fortune 500 corporations, she founded Discipline Dynamics, a boutique sales training consultancy and her practitioner’s approach to customer engagement has earned her company recognition as being one of the top trainers in her field.

Focused on delivering business outcomes for clients, Regina offers a unique combination of corporate experience and field experience in client engagement in both the consumer and B2B markets. She has designed and conducted sales and customer service trainings all over the world for a wide range of clients including global giants like Philips Lighting, Takasago, AIG Insurance, Alliance Insurance, Samsung and SingTel.

Amidst the robust and comprehensive Key Accounts solutions offerings in the market, Regina is known for her street-smart and savvy approach to this complex subject matter. She relates well to the behaviour of the Asia Pacific customer and the field teams thus lending her credibility in the arena of strategic account management.

Her list of negotiation clients include Fortune 500 companies such as Ericsson, Power Seraya, Ministry of Home Affairs, Brunei Economic Development Board (BEDB), Volvo Commercial, Tien Wah Press, Siemens Healthcare, Siemens Vietnams.

Course fee

Programme Executive In Charge : Patricia Lee

Telephone number : 62489447

Email :

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