Student Engagement Strategies: Elevate the Virtual Classroom (Re-Run Module 1)


06 Dec 2022

The Student Engagement Strategies (SES) course series is designed to help educators learn how to facilitate fully active learning in their classrooms, with a special emphasis on virtual environments. Participants will learn how to maximize student learning and facilitate engaging classroom sessions.
Minerva faculty have rigorous training grounded in learning science and years of experience developing and teaching virtual courses across many disciplinary contexts. Based on our classroom experiences and research, we have identified universal strategies for designing and delivering effective and engaging online courses.

The course series consists of 3 modules.  
1: Essential Elements of Effective Virtual Classrooms
2: Course Planning and Lesson Design for Virtual Classrooms
3: Facilitation Techniques for Virtual Classrooms

Completion of module 1 is a prerequisite for module 2 and /or 3. 

• Analyse, understand, and apply principles from the science of learning
• Practice techniques to facilitate student engagement in virtual and in-person classroom environments
• Build strategies for outcomes-based teaching in virtual and in-person classroom environments

Each session, participants are required to complete readings and activities before the class meeting. During the class session, participants will take part in a variety of fully active learning tasks, such as polling, debates, and breakout groups, to engage more deeply with the material and one another. At the end of each session, participants will complete short assignments to apply and reflect upon their learning. 

Total Time for Module 1 (3 live sessions): 8.5 hours
● Pre-Class preparation: 120 minutes x 2
● Virtual Synchronous Orientation: 90 minutes x 1
● Virtual Synchronous Class session: 90 minutes x 2

Total Time for Modules 2 and 3 (2 live sessions each): 9 hours
● Pre-Class preparation: 120 minutes x 2
● Virtual Synchronous Class session: 90 minutes x 2
● Post-Class Assignment (optional component): 60 minutes x 2

Please register for Module 1 (January edition) before 25th Dec (Sun). 

If you are interested, please click here to register.