Sylvia Sutanto

The teachers and staff are all professional, friendly and encouraging.
Discover SIM GE "I was terrified on my first day," says Sylvia Sutanto (picture above) from Indonesia, when she stepped into the SIM Global Education campus to study for her BSc (Hons) in Accounting and Finance programme, University of London. But her fears were put to rest when she found the teachers and staff friendly, professional and encouraging. "They guided us through the difficulties and showed us how to adapt to the new environment," she says. "SIM even provides a great library with modern technology, and other facilities which support our studies efficiently." Lecturers are professional, creative Crucially, Sylvia chose SIM Global Education for her tertiary study because of the quality of the teaching staff. "Quality teachers who are professional and creative play important roles in our development." Sylvia mentioned lecturer Ms Chu who taught Accounting. "She also encouraged students to grow and develop into responsible adults." The diverse cosmopolitan study body was also ideal for Sylvia to learn and understand and respect people from different cultures. Confidence in communication "Studying at SIM has given me a lot more self-confidence in my English since I get to practise every single day with international students and locals," she says. "I love the way we study and share experiences together. I participated in international events and feel more experienced in communicating with other people from other countries." More independent, more knowledgeable "I am also motivated to be more mature and independent since I am encouraged to solve my own problems like adults do. "I am now able to understand economic matters, and am knowledgeable in Accounting. And this, I believe, will help me achieve success in the future." --- Posted, 2011