Shane Lee

Be accepting and understanding of various cultures, so you’ll be ready to work with anyone anywhere.
Discover SIM GE Being your own boss takes a lot of hard work Shane wanted to give university his best shot, and he did-quite literally. As a second-year Business undergraduate at SIM Global Education, Shane and his partner set up a café called the 6oz Espresso Bar, in the CBD area. Today, the café is three years strong, and one of the busiest coffee bars in the area. Being an award winning café in this highly competitive industry, Shane stresses the importance of being globally informed and pushing for constant innovation. He and his partner are already looking at expanding the business locally, and to take it beyond Singapore in the long term. Shane tells us how SIM GE was a launch pad for success. On how his learning experience benefited him “I liked RMIT’s project-based syllabus because I enjoy working with people. It encourages you to work with different kinds of people. We also had the Student Life Services to guide us along. Knowing how to apply what I learnt at SIM GE really helps me in many areas that I’m pursuing now.” On the opportunities gained in a diverse environment "It's great that SIM GE has alumni events and other useful opportunities. They help me expand my network so I can appeal to new customers and make business connections." Besides his café venture, Shane was also able to further develop his interest in music at SIM GE. He helped to produce SIM GE’s first ever musical, which was a sell-out success and a vibrant cultural experience. “There were people from Indonesia, China, India, all coming together to perform. You get to learn about their ways of life.” Shane was also one of the founders of the SIM String Ensemble, and together the group performed almost 30 events in just two years. On what it means to be Global Ready “You have to be open-minded. Be accepting and understanding of various cultures, so you’ll be ready to work with anyone anywhere.” Learn more about the programmes available at SIM Global Education. View other alumni features.