Nyein Thiri Tun

My mother thinks Singapore is very safe and its education system well-recognised.
Discover SIM GE Nora, with her award which reads, Special Achievement in Service to SIM in 2013 / 2014 “WHEN you’re in a dance, you’ve no time to think; your body takes over and you just feel the music and flow with it,” says Nora Green, 21, who thinks nothing of rehearsing six hours a day, every day for three months for a dance performance. Nora (or Nyein Thiri Tun, her full name in Burmese) came to Singapore from Yangon (Rangoon) at age 18 to do an SIM Diploma in Management Studies in 2011. After completing her DMS in 2012, she enrolled in the SIM-UOL BSc (Hons) in Economics and Management. She finds Economics interesting, although it is not an easy exam subject. “My lecturer told me to go for it, even if many students say it’s tough.” Love of dancing But Nora is more well-known on campus for her participation in dance and the performance arts. She took part in the Mr and Ms Sim drama on December 1, 2012 and participated in majority of the dance items in "Dreamwerkz Discover" dance show held in August 2013. Her passion for dance and art performances stems from her childhood idols like Madonna and Michael Jackson. “They were different, recipients of both positive and negative criticisms. Yet they never let it interfere with their talent or their success,” Nora observes. Her latest involvement was with the spectacular performance of "Leon the Musical", an epic production held on November 8, 2013, by the international students of SIM GE. Nora together with fellow students Arlene Riady Kho and myself (Zan Wai Yan Min), were responsible for driving the entire project successfully. Nora was the choreographer, cast director of the play along with Arlene, who was the scriptwriter and co-cast director. Yan Min was the director of stage and production as well as the stage manager of the play. The chairman of the entire committee was James Rong Inn Rong. Nora recalls how she coached one of the key actors, Kie, Soe Thinzar Aung (Medusa), on the dance item as well as her acting as one of the main casts. “Kie was one of the few casts that improved so much throughout the play, with no dance background, and a shy personality. We practised the dance routine three times a week, went through her lines and scenes every evening and when she finally delivered on the actual performance, I felt so proud of her.” Nora inspires and drives people around her with her never give-up attitude, words of encouragement and passion. "I don't like to give in to adversity. I won't say I can't, because it is a sign that I have given up. I will keep on trying my best until I can." Nora also served as Vice-President to the Myanmar Community in SIM, known as MY-SIM, where she spearheaded many of the club's performance items in support of many school events. She does not only embrace many different cultures but she also keeps her own culture heritage alive. In recognition for Nora's numerous contributions to her respective CCAs; MY-SIM, DreamWerkz as well as her active participation in a number of school productions, the committee of student development in SIM presented her with the prestigious award, Special Achievement in Service to SIM, in 2013/2014 which was given each year to a single individual of outstanding calibre. Singapore’s education system well-recognised When she was studying in British Council after her secondary education back in Myanmar, Nora felt she had to explore the world and find out about different cultures as she was always fascinated and intrigued by people of different color and race. “My mother thinks Singapore is very safe and its education system well-recognised. I also have many relatives, hence I chose Singapore for my tertiary studies,” she adds. There are about 300 Myanmar students at SIM GE, enrolled in a broad range of courses, from the DMS bridging course to Bachelor programmes. - Written by fellow Myanmar student leader Yan Min, posted online January 15, 2014 Maung Zan Wai Yan Min (right) interviewing Nora on her contribution to the SIM GE art scene. Yan Min, 25, was stage manager and co-director of Leon the Musical, UOL Student Council representative, and the 2013 president of MySIM club (for Myanmar students) which under his leadership won the Best International Student Club award