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BT-UniSIM Business Climate Survey

The Business Times of Singapore launched a quarterly business activity survey in January 1996 to track Singapore business cycles and to ascertain any variation in performance by size and ownership of companies. Currently into its 20th year, the firms included in this survey are drawn from a wide spectrum of business activities. Since the third quarter of 2006, it is jointly conducted with SIM University (UniSIM) and thereafter known as the BT-UniSIM Business Climate Survey.

The survey captures the performance of Singapore firms in terms of sales, profits and orders in the past quarter and the firms’ perceptions on business prospects for the next six months. It is the first in Singapore that provides expectations data for the whole economy and, to date, has been successful in tracking turning points in the business cycles at least one quarter ahead of the occurrence. The data has been used to forecast GDP growth in the next quarter.

The Business Times features the survey results each quarter on its front page.

Click the relevant links for a summary of the reports.

For more information or to subscribe to the detailed results, please contact:

Tan Siew Peng
Centre for Applied Research (CFAR)
Tel: (65) 6248 9255
Fax: (65) 6462 1349

SIM Management Monitor

The SIM Management Monitor provides a deeper understanding of management attitudes, market outlook and emerging landscapes in Singapore. The inaugural study was launched in 2009 and comprised surveying and interviewing C-suite leaders, senior managers and the mid-level managers across all organisation types (i.e. MNCs, local companies, SMEs and Government/non-profit agencies).
The study currently covers three components:

1. Gathering managers’ sentiments and attitudes

  • Macro economy and impact on business
  • Career progression & development

2. Understanding management issues

  • Existing & emerging challenges
  • Preferred practices and tools

3. Distilling additional insights on SMEs

To view the highlights of the report please click on the following links:

If you need more information or have any queries regarding the SIM Management Monitor, please drop a note to

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