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Governance and Academic Quality 

Corporate Governance

As a not-for-profit organisation under the purview of the Charities Act, SIM enforces stringent corporate governance guidelines to ensure that we are transparent and are compliant with legal regulatory requirements.

Assuming the overall governance of the SIM Group is the Governing Council. Comprising independent elected members, the Council is responsible for the strategic direction of the Group, acts as a watchdog on all financial, remuneration and audit matters and closely monitors compliance with control measures. Similarly, the SIM University (UniSIM) and Singapore Institute of Management Pte Ltd are also governed by a Board of Trustees and Directors respectively, members of whom are appointed independent directors. The Internal Audit Division, as part of the SIM Group's corporate governance framework, supports the Governing Council to oversee the SIM Group’s functions in risk assessment, whistle-blowing, and internal and external audits.

As part of good corporate governance, SIM has in place the Conflict of Interest Policy and the Whistle-Blowing Policy. Under the Conflict of Interest Policy, Council members or staff who have personal interests in business transactions or contracts that SIM may enter into or have vested interest in any organisation that SIM has dealings with, are required to declare such conflict of interest to the Council or senior management immediately, and to abstain from any discussion or decision making on the matter of interest.

The Whistle-Blowing Policy extends the notion of corporate governance to all staff and vendors, allowing them to take responsibility in playing their part to help SIM achieve a greater level of public confidence in our corporate governance.

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Academic Quality Assurance

Underpinning our quality promise is a rigorous academic quality assurance framework which subjects our programmes, services and facilities to stringent internal and external audits regularly to ensure that they meet exacting standards in quality, rigour and relevance. The programmes at UniSIM and SIM Global Education are supervised by respective Academic Boards which oversee programme curriculum, pedagogy, partnerships and presentation, examinations and assessments, as well as student admission.

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