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Speech excerpts from SIM-University of London Presentation Ceremony

11 Apr 2018

The SIM-University of London (UOL) Presentation Ceremony 2018 took place from 5 to 6 April at SIM HQ. The clarion call of the speakers at the events was for graduates to constantly upgrade their abilities and remain adaptable and employable in order to succeed in a fast-changing environment. 

We bring you excerpts of the speeches made by the officers who presided over the various sessions:

At SIM, we are committed to helping our graduates succeed. We take a holistic approach to education that goes beyond knowledge acquisition to help our students develop the agility, dynamism and responsiveness needed to navigate today’s world. We call this The Global Edge.” – Dr Timothy Chan, Director, Academic and Student Life Divisions, SIM Global Education

You need grit and an adventurous spirit to keep discovering not just the world out there but more importantly, yourself and your new limits. I feel it is good to not just be educated but also have wisdom. And wisdom can be achieved through your daily lives, observations and talking to people whom you look up to. Wisdom is more important than academic achievements.” – Mr Tan Choon Seng, Member, SIM Governing Council

In the last 10 years, I witnessed a huge dramatic seismic shift in the IT industry. In my company, we used to have a very large proportion of software and network engineers. With the changing industry demands and focus on digitalisation, many of our engineers recognised the opportunity and the need to upgrade themselves to stay relevant. And today, many of these network and software engineers are cyber security experts. Some of them have gone on to become consultants and designers in the Smart Nation programme. The desire to learn new things and develop new competencies has become critical success factors for progress.” – Mr Chia Wee Boon, Member, SIM Governing Council

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