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Speech excerpts from SIM – University of London Presentation Ceremony

21 Apr 2017

The SIM – University of London (UOL) Presentation Ceremony 2017 took place from 6 to 7 April at SIM HQ. We bring you excerpts of the speeches made by members of the SIM Governing Council who presided over the various sessions:

“In this digital age where we spend a large proportion of our time consuming information without necessarily reflecting on what we read, and communicating with one another without actually seeing the other party face-to-face, we may be losing our ability to think and analyse, and to pick up important information and cues from personal communication. When we face an issue, there may not be an answer in Google. We need to spend time to connect and engage with others and to think before we can find the solution.” –Mr George Thia

“Whatever you embark on, be sure that you know your content well and you have to be the subject matter expert…When companies re-organise, both the good and the bad employees will be affected. If you have the requisite experience and the skillset, you will be reassigned or find another job in no time. Do make sure that you continue to improve yourself and stay ahead of the game. No one can take that away from you. Also, do not get too comfortable…it is in the difficult times and the difficulties in life where you show your strength.” – Ms Junie Foo

“Many of us struggle with self-doubt at different times in our lives…Self-doubt is our greatest enemy as it can stop us from pursuing opportunities and fulfilling our dreams…I believe that doubt can be a good thing if we can harness its power and not let it paralyse us or make us too anxious…Many people have spoken about the need to stay curious and that curiosity is a great trigger for learning, but I’ve found that doubt can be a more effective trigger than curiosity…So be humble, be bold, laugh a lot, enjoy your work and make your doubts work for you.” – Mr Jen Kwong Hwa 

(From left to right) Mr George Thia, Ms Junie Foo and Mr Jen Kwong Hwa, Members of SIM Governing Council.

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