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SIM-UOW graduates challenged to seek out the 3 A's

17 Apr 2018

What are today's employers looking for? If you ask Mr Joshua Soh, the 3 A's - attitude, aptitude and acumen – are three key ingredients.

Mr Soh, Council Member, Singapore Computer Society and Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Nogle Studios, was speaking to IT graduates at the SIM-University of Wollongong (UOW) Graduation Ceremony on 12 April.

Mr Soh said that as an industry that cuts across all other industry verticals, the IT industry is full of opportunities. However the biggest challenge is that it keeps changing and evolving. To seize the opportunities and succeed, graduates need the 3 A’s.

Attitude, according to Mr Soh, is how one could demonstrate their enthusiasm beyond just the academic. Aptitude refers to whether one had the awareness and critical thinking to effectively 'connect the dots', while acumen stands for one's soft skills and potential to develop as a leader.
 Speaking from his own experience, Mr Soh also stressed the importance of having good mentors that can not only guide one’s career development but also personal growth.

In his speech Mr Tan Soo Jin, Chairman of SIM Governing Council, said that besides having a degree and specialist knowledge, one also needed other intangible attributes to succeed in the workplace.

"To navigate the brave new world, you also need courage, grit and an adventurous spirit," Mr Tan said.

The SIM-UOW partnership is currently in its 13th year, and has produced more than 3,500 graduates since its inception.

 To the graduating cohort of over 300, Mr Tan congratulated them on their achievements at the University of Wollongong – an institution ranked in the top two per cent of universities in the world.

 A milestone reached: An SIM-UOW graduate celebrates with her family and friends.

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