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SIM Platform E and Budding Innovations launch Open Innovation Programme to revolutionise corporate approach to innovation

30 Nov 2017

NebulaTM participants will have the opportunity to work with Dr Bert Grobben, CEO of Budding Innovations, and his extensive team of innovators.


SIM Platform E is partnering Budding Innovations to launch the NebulaTM Open Innovation Programme, aimed at helping multinational corporations (MNCs) build and develop 'open innovation' teams, as more businesses seek new means to productively innovate in their industries.

Open Innovation (OI) is a process that encourages organisations to use collaborate with external expertise, be it scientists, engineers or producers to create new innovations. By tapping on existing and proven resources, the innovation process can be more streamlined and cost effective compared to in-house, proprietary development. When deployed effectively, the design and adoption of an OI strategy can be very beneficial to R&D departments, as well other functions within organisations.

The SIM Platform E - Budding Innovations programme is focused on developing innovators with an entrepreneurial mindset, business acumen and technical expertise. One of the barriers for organisations wanting to utilise OI is finding people who possess a balance of these traits; this programme is designed to help close the gap on the demand and supply of talent in this area.

The NebulaTM Open Innovation Programme is open to the ranks in large corporations, as well as individuals in search of a new career as OI managers. Participants also have the opportunity to be incorporated into Budding Innovations’s ecosystem to develop solutions for various companies while completing the programme.

Interested applicants can find out more at the Platform E website,
Questions can be directed to the Platform E team at

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