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SIM Platform E’s entrepreneur and mentor duo co-found start-up on training assistance wearables

13 Dec 2017

Among the early successes of Platform E’s IntenseE entrepreneurhip programme which started less than a year ago is a sports lifestyle hardware tech start-up, ATHLEDE Pte Ltd, co-founded by a participant and his programme mentor. The start-up has received a $40,000 angel funding and Startup SG Founder grant from Tri5 Ventures1 to develop training assistance wearables that offer more than current fitness trackers on the market.

The ATHLEDE device aims to help athletes and sporting enthusiasts optimise their training efficiency to achieve better results. The device makes use of an ergonomically positioned LED and haptic feedback to provide users with real-time response on their performance. This enables them to make training correction and push themselves during training without having to look directly at the device. The training feedback can also be used to measure against users’ training plans, goals and community-based interactions. Thus, ATHLEDE can actively monitor users' fitness level and progression, and help curate a training plan to springboard them to the next level.

The idea for the start-up was conceptualised by Mr Wong Kwok Cheong (KC) during his programme stint at Platform E. His assigned mentor from the programme, Dr Bert Grobben, CEO of Venture Builder Budding Innovations, provided him industrial design and system engineering expertise to help develop ATHLEDE at an accelerated pace and come up with a functional prototype.

“Goal setting and training programmes offered by current fitness trackers feel gimmicky as they provide virtually no feedback while in use. We go beyond the utility to create a compelling experience that connects emotionally with our users to help them realise their goals and aspirations. Wearables must be more than just a tracker. It has to influence a behavioural change to help people achieve their next goals,” said KC.

KC (left) and Dr Bert Grobben hope that ATHLEDE can connect athletes, coaches, schools and sports associations to form a unique eco-system.

The next milestone for the company is to get more athletes to try out ATHLEDE. In addition, the company hopes to introduce value-adding services such as personalised coaching and provision of training schedules and a platform for aspiring athletes to be discovered, whatever sport they are in.

ATHLEDE is currently co-located with Budding Innovations at Platform E’s co-working space at SIM Management House at Namly Avenue.

1Tri5 Ventures is an Accredited Mentor Partner of SPRING Singapore.

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