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Nursing graduates urged to be more patient-oriented; AI will return nurses to nursing

04 Oct 2019

“The patient who comes to the healthcare institutions and professionals is not the disease; the patient is a person.”

This key message was emphasised by Dr Lee Kwok Cheong, Senior Advisor to SIM, as he spoke as guest speaker at the SIM-The University of Sydney (UOS) graduation ceremony on 27 September.

Giving a heartfelt sharing of his experience of going through Singapore’s public healthcare system as a cancer patient, he told the nursing graduates that most doctors took care of him “within their own specialisation” and he had to obtain holistic treatment and advice on his own, often relying on experienced nurses to give him the most appropriate advice. Urging the nursing graduates to “focus on the patient as a person to be cared”, he reminded them that their knowledge and skills are just the means that enable them to do the end, that is care for their patients.

Mr Richard Freudenstein, Deputy Chancellor, University of Sydney (front left),
presenting Dr Lee with a calligraphy of the Chinese proverb ‘100 years to nurture a person’,
in recognition of his dedication to education and the partnership between both institutions.

Echoing Dr Lee’s sentiments, Dr Kevyn Yong, Chief Learning Officer of SIM, reassured the graduates of the relevancy of nurses in an age where artificial intelligence (AI) can replace many of nurses’ repetitive routine tasks, freeing them for the more important role in patient care.  

“Nurses can spend more time establishing an emotional connection with the patients…and will be better able to respond to their patients’ needs and provide the mental and psychological support that is essential to the full recovery of health”, he said. He added that nursing will become more fundamentally important than ever before. In short, AI will return nurses to nursing. 

Dr Yong, Chief Learning Officer of SIM: AI can provide nurses with
valuable insights to make better decisions on patient care.

This year marks the silver jubilee of partnership between SIM and UOS in healthcare education to fulfill the need for professional and degree-qualified healthcare personnel in Singapore. The SIM-UOS nursing programmes are accredited by the Singapore Nursing Board.

This year’s graduates joined over 3,400 healthcare professionals who have gone through the
SIM-University of Sydney programmes.

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