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Be adaptable, ethical and collaborative – advice for graduates in a fast-changing world

07 Sep 2017

At the 2017 SIM-RMIT University graduation ceremony which took place from August 22 to 25 at SIM, about 3,000 students graduated from nine programmes. Over the seven sessions of the ceremony, graduates had the privilege of learning from the rich experiences and advice shared through the speeches of the presiding officers. Here are some highlights of these speeches.

(Top left to right) Mr Winston Tan, Mr Ong Boon Hwee, Dr Lee Kwok Cheong, (bottom left to right),
Mr George Thia, Ms Susan Chong and Ms Junie Foo, presiding officers at the ceremony.

“To succeed in a world that is continuously changing, you must be able and willing to adapt. But the competition among the people adapting to change has increased dramatically. The hunger to learn, to drive change effectively and efficiently, differentiates the winners from the losers.”
 Mr Winston Tan, Member of SIM Governing Council and Managing Director of Winmark Investments Pte Ltd, Corporate Brokers International Pte Ltd.

“As you embark on your career and your leadership journey ahead, in whatever sector or level that your inclination and abilities will take you, I hope you would strive to be a person of character, and aspire to be a real leader with a clear sense of purpose, strong ethical values and meaningful relationship with the people you are entrusted to lead.”
Mr Ong Boon Hwee, Member of Singapore Institute of Management Holdings Pte Ltd Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of Stewardship Asia Centre.

“Learn about mindfulness. Mindfulness is not about religious practice. Mindfulness is about being awake, being alive and attentive. It means knowing what you are doing. It is easy to get distracted in the digital world of mobile phones and social media such as Facebook and Twitter. So, be mindful… be present to the people around you.”
- Dr Lee Kwok Cheong, Chief Executive Officer of SIM Global Education.

“Whether we are in school, at work or in business, it is important to embrace the principle of collaboration, instead of worrying about competition. Collaboration will help us to progress, both individually and collectively.”
- Mr George Thia, Member of SIM Governing Counciland Business Consultant of Asiainc Pte Ltd.

“Start. Just get started. It is ok to start small than to talk about it and not act on it. You have to move towards your dream. Oprah Winfrey once said: The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”
 Ms Susan Chong, Member of SIM Governing Counciland Chief Executive Officer of Greenpac (S) Pte Ltd.

“When in doubt, reinvent yourself. Your portfolio is never complete. The world is always changing, and so are you. Stay flexible and open to new opportunities while continuing to hone your existing skills. Do that, and there will always be a place for you in this new world of work.”
- Ms Junie Foo, Member of SIM Governing Council andHead, Corporate Banking Singapore; and Head, Global Subsidiary Banking, Asia Ocean, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd.

Graduates and guests at Session 5 of the event were also treated to the distinctive sounds of a didgeridoo, a traditional aboriginal wind instrument, led the academic procession. The didgeridoo player, Australian aboriginal performer and storyteller Mr Ron Murray, is an alumnus of RMIT University. This performance was part of the 30th anniversary celebration of the SIM-RMIT partnership. 

Special performance by Mr Ron Murray to commemorate SIM-RMIT’s 30th Anniversary.

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