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SIMtrepreneur Episode Two

28 Apr 2017

In this ‘Confessions of SIMtrepreneurs’ four-part series, Dr Lee Kwok Cheong (CEO, SIM Global Education) interviews SIM GE alumni who have made their mark in the business world as entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs (entrepreneurs working in organisations). Here are highlights of what they had to share.

Thriving in a Collaborative Environment

“The biggest trap to fall into today is believing that your success is due to your individual efforts and contributions. I believe that today, as we get more connected, it’s always a collaborative effort – be it top-down with your boss or team, or across functions.”

Making Career Choices

“I moved on after having achieved the objectives that I had set forth in those jobs, when I felt it was time to improve other parts of my skillsets. To be future-ready is to have ‘T-shaped’ competencies – to have depth in a couple of skills and be broad enough to cover all sectors. That’s my principle for work and my career decisions.”

Sharpening Soft Skills

“It boils down to the individual to utilise the available resources around them. Studying in SIM gave me a platform to learn how to interact with people, work as a team, come out of my shell and present my ideas. These are the soft skills you take away, apart from the technical curriculum. They all played a part in getting to where I am today.”

An Education Institution That Prepares You for the Future

“SIM has a competitive edge in its global network. I would definitely send my kids there because a view of the regional economy is important. So someone who is future-ready will be able to work with different business systems across regions and cultures. He will be able to survive.”

Watch Christopher’s full interview:

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