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SIMtrepreneur Episode Three

05 May 2017

In this ‘Confessions of SIMtrepreneurs’ four-part series, Dr Lee Kwok Cheong (CEO, SIM Global Education) interviews SIM GE alumni who have made their mark in the business world as entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs (entrepreneurs working in organisations). Here are highlights of what they had to share.


Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

“I think entrepreneurs are born with a very specific personality trait: risk-taking.”

An Entrepreneur in the Making

The (SIM GE) Student Life Division actually provides a lot of platforms for students to gain experience. I learnt to handle budgets, people and events, and liaise with professionals outside. Over those few years, I was able to get experience as well as find out if they were things I enjoyed and wanted to do. I feel that these are the different ways that students can explore to see if they are entrepreneurs.”

A Memorable Achievement

“My biggest achievements are String Ensemble, which I helped found, and the musical I produced. The actors in the musical still talk to me about our time in SIM. I’m happy that our musical made such an impact with only 40-odd members. And I’m happy that String Ensemble is still performing today. I thought they would have to disband because they couldn’t recruit anyone this year but they’re still going strong.”

Sending His Kids to SIM GE?

“It will definitely be one of the top choices. There’s a lot to explore here. SIM’s partnerships with global universities offer opportunities for them to spend a semester abroad to see what the education is like there, but at the end of the day I’ll let them decide. I want them to choose their own paths and be happy with what they do.”

Having Supportive Parents

“Since young, they hadn’t imposed on me that I must be a doctor or lawyer. They just told me to try my best and see how it goes. But I did not try my best until after national service, when I entered SIM. I actually told myself that it'd probably be the last time I’d be studying so why not give it my best shot and just see how it goes.”

Watch Shane’s full interview:


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