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SIMtrepreneur Episode One

07 Apr 2017

In this ‘Confessions of SIMtrepreneur’ four-parter,Dr Lee Kwok Cheong (CEO, SIM Global Education) interviews SIM GE alumni who have made their mark in the business world as entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.
Here are excerpts of what Jasper had to share in episode one.

More Than Just A Qualification

“SIM has helped me know a little bit better about what I’m capable of outside of academia. So, what’s really important to be an entrepreneur (is) not necessarily the degree but it’s education – the pursuit of knowledge. It’s that curiosity to want to know more.”

Is Being An Entrepreneur Truly Risky Business?

“Every job is risky on the condition that you don’t know exactly what you’re doing and you’re not willing to want to know more. Unfortunately a lot of entrepreneurs enter into a business venture without fully understanding how to run the business.”

Know Yourself

“While everything else is a variable in the world and everything changes, there’s one thing which we often neglect- and that is ourselves. We spend so little time trying to fully understand what our strengths are, where our passions lies and what are the things that we’re good at doing. A better understanding of ourselves will allow us to accept a lot of things that are beyond our control… and things that we can make a difference or we can add value to in this world.”

Watch Jasper’s full interview: 


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